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Paathshala-Film-DVD-Hindi Price
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Movie Name - Paathshala-Film-DCD-Hindi

Director(s) : Milind Ukey
Cast : Shahid Kapoor, Ayesha Takia, Nana Patekar
Music : Hanif Sheikh

Movies Details
Paathshala climaxes with a school principal, Aditya Sahai played by Nana Patekar, delivering an impassioned speech on the state of education and how rampant commercialisation is destroying it.Sahai, explaining why he tried to raise money by allowing reality TV shows to be shot in the school, says There was no any other alternative. When a movie about the education system features a school principal who can it speak basic English, you know you are in deep, deep trouble.

Paathshala is staggeringly inept. The script by Hanif Sheikh has no discernable arc. Random scenes follow each other most of the first half is spent in establishing the various teachers and students at the school.So there is Rahul, played by Shahid Kapur, the idealistic English teacher and Anjali, played by Ayesha Takia, the school nutritionist, who also doubles up as matron and counsellor. The students include the older set who are mostly conducting romances and the younger ones, who seem sweet but are really nasty to a kid who has a black birthmark on his face.

The school trustees tell Sahai that if he can it upgrade the school, it will be shut down. So, the principal lets in some monstrous reality television people who set a new benchmark for cruelty to children.In one scene, when red chilly powder flies into a girl is eyes, the director instructs his cameraman to shoot closer because her wailing will make for higher TRPs.

Language Hindi
Format VCD

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