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Career In Computers CD
This CD give expert advice right through the selection of career-line to developing the skills to be ahead of others whether it?s about Hardware or Software, Programming, Multimedia or E-Commerce, Interview or Written Test.
CBSE Class X Science Quiz CD
The CD leads the youngster through unit tests, quarterly, half yearly and yearly exams with challenges,clues, rewards and revisions, which makes them to retain more from what is learnt.
The Complete Interior Designing CD
The Complete Interior Designing CD help to design living space to gain more from it? How much do you know about light, colour,sound, furnishings etc? Do you know what it takes to be an interior designer? What is Landscaping, Vaastu, Feng-shui?
The Ultimate Home Guide CD
The Ultimate Home Guide is the CD you will reach out for first, whether you want to write a resume, unclog a sink, fix a chair, make a will, play gin rummy, grow tomatoes, and difficulties. More than 8000 thoroughly researched tips will guide you, help you and educate you. In short, if you care for your family, this is an essential guide to be in your home.
The Ultimate Quiz on Computer Science CD
The Ultimate Quiz on Computer Science CD to know how many bits in a nibble. What is the Unix flavour available on Sun Microsystems.
Value Added Tax CD
The Ultimate Guide on Value Added Tax CD is for any individual or a business. When the entire country?s Sales Tax system is revamped and converted into a new system called VAT the market is confused with each state talking about its own implementation.
The Ultimate English Tutor CD
The Ultimate English Tutor is the CD for the people who want to develop a powerful vocabulary and master English without spending too much time and for those who want to sharpen their existing communication skills.It's an ultimate learning companion for students, businessmen, travellers and infact for all ages.
The Ultimate Guide to Stress Management CD
The Ultimate Guide to Stress Management CD help to learn simple ways to minimize stress. Lately, have been in low spirits.
Animated Magic Alphabets CD
Animated Magic Alphabets introduces all the alphabets through animated characters with interlaying messages. Children will feel that the characters are interacting with them directly,It is not only useful to learn alphabets but also helpful to know the characteristics of the characters.
The Complete Linux Tutor CD
The Complete Linux Tutor, this CD starts with basic concepts, and introduces the popular applications that work with it, leadthrough Linux Administration and Programming.The Complete Linux Tutor's innovative approach to this important subject makes it easy to understand, and fun as well.
Herbal Beauty Care CD
The Herbal Beauty Care CD is a complete and practical guide to natural beauty. This CD give many herbal and beauty secrets that have been hitherto closely guarded, for to enhance beauty at home.
The Spoken English CD
The Spoken English CD is for effective spoken English skills, it has exquisite blend of didactic skills and intuitive presentation, designed to emulate everyday situations you may experience right from the milk booth, booking an air ticket to facing an interview.
The Complete Linux Resourse CD
The Complete Linux Resource CD gives you over 600 MB of hard to get drivers, Applications, Tools, Tutorials, Online books and much more all in one convenient place.
Time Management CD
The Ultimate Guide to Time Management CD to balance heavy and demanding workload with the demands of my family. Why am I not able to give quality time to my children. These are some of the questions cried out in offices, classrooms, boardrooms and homes throughout the modern world.
14 Records Found. | Page 1 of 1 Previous Page | 1  |   Next Page