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W Watt
w/ with
W3 World Wide Web
W3A World Wide Web Applets
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
W4 What-Works-With-What
W4WG Windows For WorkGroups
WA Write Audit
WAAS Wide Area Augmentation System
WAB What Another Bill
WABI Windows Application Binary Interface
WACK Wait for Acknowledgment
WACS Western and Central States
WAG wild ass guess
WAIS Wide Area Information Server/Service/Search
WAITS Wide Area Information Transfer Systems
WAMKSAM Why are My Kitties (Kids) Staring at Me
WAN Wide Area Network
WAOSS Wide Angle Optoelectronic Stereo Scanner
WAP Wireless Access Protocol / Wireless Application Protocol
WARC World Administrative Radio Conference
WARP Weather And Radar Processor systems
WAS Wild A** Guess / Web Application Server / Windows Application Server
WASP Warriors Against Software Protection
WATS Website Activity Tracking Statistics / Wide Area Telecommunications Service / Wide Area Telephone Service
WAV Wave (waveform) data file (music)
WAVES Waveform And Vector Exchange Specification
WAYW What are you wearing?
WB Welcome back
WBC WideBand Channel
WBEM Web-Based Enterprise Management
WBEM Web-Based Enterprise Management (initiative)
WBS Write Back Soon / Work Breakdown Structure
WC WildCat! (BBS Software) / Wire Center / Word Count
WCC World Congress on Computing
WCPC Wire Center Planning Center
WCS Wireless Communication Service(s) / World Coordinate System
WCU Water Cooling Unit
WD Working Document / Working Draft
WDCS Wideband Digital Cross-Connect System
WDF World Domination Force
WDL Window Driver Library
WDM Wave(length) Division MultiPlexing / Win32 Driver Model / Windows Driver Model
WDRAM Windows Dynamic Random Access Memory
WDT Watch Dog Timer
WDYLL What do you look like?
WDYMBT What do You Mean by That?
WEBNFS WEB Network File System
WEC Westinghouse Electric Corporation
WELAC Western Europe Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation
WELL Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link
WEP Well-known Entry Point
WEPN Worldwide Electronic Publishing Network
WES Western Electronics Switching
WESST Western Engineering Student Society Team
WF WorkFlow
WFM Works For Me
WFMC Workflow Management Coalition (usually as WfMC)
WFMTUG World Federation of MAP / TOP Users' Group
WFP Well Formed Path
WFQ Weighted Fair Queuing
WFW Windows For Workgroups (sometimes as WfW)
WG Working Group
WGAS Who gives a sh*t?
WGS Work Group System
WH Watt-Hour
WHAM Waveform Hold and Modify
WHC Workstation Host Connection
WIBAMU Well I'll be a Monkey's Uncle
WIBNI Would It Be Nice If
WIC WAN Interface Card
WIDE Widely Interconnected Distributed Environment
WIDL Web Interface Definition Language
WIL Windows Interface Language
WIMP Washed-up Information Media Phobe / Window Icon Mouse Pointer (interface)
WIN Windows / Wissenschaftsnetz (science network)
WINDO Wide Information Network for Data Online
WINDOWS Will Install Needless Data On Whole System / Won't Intentionally Nacker Drive Or Wipe Spreadsheets
WINE WINdows Emulator
WINFORUM Wireless Information Networks Forum
WINGS Web Interactive Network of Government Services
WINHEC WINdows Hardware Engineering Conference
WINS Warehouse Information Network Standards / Windows Internet Name Service
WIP Work In Progress/Process / Workcenter Information Package
WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization
wirld world
WISE WordPerfect Information System Environment
WIT Web Interactive Talk
WITT Workstation Interactive Test Tool
WizOp Wizard Sysop; the primary Forum Administrator/Sysop
WL Word Line / Wright-Patterson Laboratory
WLIF Wireless LAN Interface Forum
WM Work Manager
WMC Workflow Management Coalition
WMF Windows Metafile (usually as .WMF) / Workload Monitoring Function
WMMOWS Wash My Mouth Out with Soap
WNIC Wide area Network Interface Co-processor
WNIM Wide area Network Interface Module
WNOHGB Where No One Has Gone Before
WOA Work Of Art
WOB Waste of Bandwidth
WOFTAM Waste Of Flaming Time And Money
WOM Web Object Management
WORM Write Once - Read Many
WOS Workstation Operating System
WOSA Windows Open Services Architecture / Windows Open Services Architecture
WOTW Word of the week
WOW Windows On Windows (layer)
WP White Pages / Word Perfect / Word Processing / Write Protected / Working Party
WPD Windows Printer Description (file)
WPE World Pirate Echo
WPG WordPerfect Graphics (format) (usually .WPG)
WPHD Write-Protect Hard Disk
WPM Words Per Minute
WPM Words Per Minute (usually as wpm)
WPOS WorkPlace Operating System
WPS Windows Printing System / WorkPlace Shell / Word Processing Software
WPVM Windows Parallel Virtual Machine
WRAM Window Random Access Memory
WRB Web Request Broker
WRBD Web Request Broker Dispatcher
WRK Windows Resource Kit
WRQ Walker Richer + Quinn
WRT With Regard To / With Respect To
WRU Who Are You
WS WorkStation
WSAPI Web Site Application Program Interface
WSAT WinSock Application Programming Interface Test
WSF WorkStation Function
WT Without Thinking / Write Through
WTB Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
WTF What The F**k / Who the Fu** !
WTFDIK What the Fu#? Do I Know
WTFIGO What The Fu** Is Going On?
WTFRU? Who the F#~$ are you?
WTG Way To Go
WTG! Way to Go!
WTGP Want to go private?
WTH What/Who The Heck / What/Who the Hell
WTLOB watch "The Life of Brian"
WTM White Trash Magazine
WTO World Trade Organization
WTOR Write To Operator with Reply
WTTM Without Thinking Too Much
WUI Western Union International
wuz was
WVIEW World View (Magazine)
WVIEW World View Magazine
WW Weenie Warriors
WW World - Wide / Worldwide
WWAN Wireless Wide Area Network
WWIS World Wide Information System
WWMCCS WorldWide Military Command and Control System
WWW World Wide Wait / World Wide Web
WWWW World Wide Web Worm
WYGIWYPF What You Get Is What You Pay For
WYLABOCTGWTR Would You Like a Bowl of Cream to go with That Remark?
WYLASOMWTC Would You Like a Saucer of Milk with that Comment?
WYMM Will You Marry Me?
wymyn women
WYPIWYG What You Printed Is What You've Got
WYSBYGI What You See Before You Get It
WYSIAWYG What You See is Almost What You Get
WYSIAYG What You See Is All You Get
WYSINWNWYG What You See Is No Where Near What You Get
WYSINWYG What You See Is NOT What You Get
WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get
WYTYSYDG What You Thought You Saw You Didn't Get
WYWO While You Were Out

Searh Abbreviation
Do you know that?
  • :'-) - User is so happy s/he is crying
  • ~~~~~8} - Snake
  • 3:] - Pet Smiley
  • ;-; - Weeping
  • :) - A smile don't take it seriously
  • @-@ - Looking innocent(not sure)
  • >- - Female
most popular

Far End / Far East


Facility Interface Processor


Computer Ready Electronic File (guideline)


Pacific Northwest Bell


Glasses Moustache and a Beard


Broadband Network Termination


Source (code) / System Resource Center


World Congress on Computing


Central Office NeTwork ACcess


Backup Domain Controller


Non-specific Hierarchical Operational Binding


Attention Dial Tone


Object Remote Procedure Call


Shielded Data Link / Specification and Description Language


Wide Area Augmentation System


X/Open OSI abstract data Manipulation


Intelligent Network/1


Multi-Color Graphics Array/Adaptor


Arrogance Produces Profit-Losing Entity


International Parallel Processing Symposium


Far End / Far East

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