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V Version / Volt
V&V Verification and Validation
V)=| Pacman Champion
V.FC V.Fast Class
V+TU Voice Plus Teleprinter Unit
VA Virtual Address
VAC Value-Added Carrier / Voltage Alternating Current / Volts - A/C Current
VAD Value Added Dealer/Distributor
VADD Value Added Disk Driver
VADS Value Added Data Services
VADSL Very-High-Rate Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
VAL Value / Voice Application Language
VAM Virtual Access Method
VAN Value Added Network
VAN Value-Added Network
VAP Value-Added Process
VAR Value-Added Reseller / Value-Added Retailer
VARP VINES Address Resolution Protocol
VAS Value Added Service
VAST Variable Array Storage Technology
VAX Virtual Access Extended/eXtension
VAX/VMS Virtual Address Extension/Virtual Memory System
VAXft VAX Fault Tolerant
VAXFT Virtual Address Extension Fault Tolerant (usually VAXft)
VB Variable Block / Visual Basic
VBA Visual Basic for Applications
VBE/AI VESA BIOS Extension/Audio Interface
VBI Vertical Blanking Interface
VBI Vertical Blanking Interval
VBN Vermittelandes BreitbandNetz
VBNS Very-high-speed Backbone Network Service / Very-high Bandwidth Network Service
VBPJ Visual Basic Programmer's Journal
VBR Variable Bit Rate
VBS Visual Basic Script
VC Virtual Call / Virtual Channel / Virtual Circuit / Virtual Container / Virtual Community
VCC Virtual Channel Connection
VCCI Voluntary Control Council for Interference
VCD Virtual Communications Driver
VCI Virtual Channel Identifier / Virtual Circuit Identifier
VCL Virtual Channel Link / Visual Component Library
VCOS Visual Caching Operating System
VCP Video Cassette Player
VCPI Virtual Control Program Interface
VCR Victims of Credit Reporting (victims advocacy group) / Video Cassette Recorder
VCS Virtual Circuit Switch / Virtual Circuit System
VCXO Voltage - Controlled Crystal Oscillator
VD Video Dox
VDA Visual Data Analysis
VDC Volts(age) Direct Current
VDD Version Description Document / Virtual Device Driver
VDDM Virtual Device Driver Manager
VDE Video Display Editor / Visual Development Environment / Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker
VDI Virtual Device Interface
VDM Virtual DOS Machine
VDMAD Virtual Direct Memory Access Device
VDS Virtual DMA Services
VDSL Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line / Very-high-data-rate Digital Subscriber Line
VDT Video Dial Tone / Video Display Terminal / Visual Display Terminal / Volume Definition Table
VDU Video Display Unit / Visual Display Unit
VEGA Video-7 Enhanced Graphics Adapter
VEMM Virtual Expanded Memory Manager
VEMMI VErsatile MultiMedia Interface
VER Version
VERONICA Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Netwide Index to Computerized Archives
VERR VERify Read access
VERTIS Vehicle Road and Traffic Intelligence Society (of Japan)
VERW VERify Write access
VESA Video Electronics/Equipment Standards Association
VETLA Very Enhanced TLA
VEX Video Extensions for X-windows
VF Virtual Floppy / Voice Frequency
VFAT Virtual File Allocation Table
VFC Vector Function Chainer / Video Feature Connector / Version.First Class / Video Feature Connector
VFD Vacuum Fluorescent Display
VFP Vertical Forms Printing
VFRP VINES Fragmentation Protocol
VFS VINES File System / Virtual File Store / Virtual File System
VFT Voice Frequency Telegraph
VFU Vertical Forms Unit
VFW Video For Windows
VFY Verify
VG Voice Grade
VGA Video Graphics Adapter / Video Graphics Array
VGB Voice Grade Budget
VGC Video Graphics Controller
VGF Voice Grade Facility
VHDL VHSIC Hardware Description Language
VHF Very High Frequency
VHS Very High Speed / Virtual Host Storage
VHSIC Very High Speed Integrated Circuit
VI Visual Interactive
VIA Vax Information Architecture / Virtual Interface Architecture
VICAR Video Image Communication And Retrieval
VICI Vendor Independent Component Imaging
VICP VINES Internet Control Protocol
VICS Voluntary Interindustry Communications Standards (committee)
VIDS VICAR/Video Interactive Display Subsystem
VIE Virtual Information Environment
VIF VIrtual Interface / Virtual Interrupt Flag
VIM Vendor Independent Mail/Messaging / Video Interface Module
VIN Vehicle Identification Number
VINCE Vendor Independent Network Control Entity
VINES VIrtual NEtwork Software / Virtual Networking System
VIO Video Input/Output / Virtual Input/Output
VIP Versatile Interface Processor / VINES (Virtual Networking System) Internet Protocol / Visual Information Processing / VIsual Programmer / Variable Information Processing / Video Information Provider / Virtual Interrupt Pending
VIPC VINES InterProcess Protocol
VIPER Verifiable Integrated Processor for Enhanced Reliability
VIPR Visual Imperative PRogramming (language)
VIPS Video Image Printer Systems
VIS Video Information System / Visual Instruction Set / Voice Information System
VISC Video Instruction Set Computing
VITAL Virtually Integrated Technical Architecture Lifecycle
VIU Voiceband Interface Unit
VIUF VHDL International Users Forum
VJHEADER Van Jacobsen Header
VL VESA Local (bus) / Virtual Link
VLA Volume Licensing Agreement
VLAN Virtual Local Area Network
VLB VESA Local Bus
VLBUS Vesa Local-Bus
VLD Variable-Length Decoder
VLDB Very Large DataBase
VLF Very Low Frequency
VLIC Very Large Integrated Circuit
VLIW Very Large Instruction Word
VLM Very Large Memory (architecture) / Virtual Loadable Module
VLSI Very Large Scale Integrated circuitry / Very Large Scale Integration
VLSIPS Very Large Scale Immobilized Polymer Synthesis
VLT Variable List Table
VM Virtual (8086) Mode / Virtual Machine / Virtual Memory / Voice Messaging
VM/CMS Virtual Machine Conversation Monitor System
VM/SP Virtual Machine / System Product
VM/SP Virtual Machine/System product
VMA Virtual Memory Address
VMB Voice Mail Box
VMB Voice Mail Box / Virtual Machine Boot
VMC VESA Media Channel
VMCF Virtual Machine Communications Facility
VMCMS Virtual Machine Conversation Monitor System
VMD Virtual Manufacturing Device
VME Versa Module Eurocard / Virtual Memory Environment / Virtual Mode Extensions (OS/2)
VME Versa Module Europa (IEEE 1014)
VMI Vertical Motion Index
VMM Virtual Machine Manager / Virtual Memory Manager
VMOS Vertical Metal Oxide Semiconductor
VMP Virtual Modem Protocol
VMR Volt-Meter Reverse
VMRS Voice Message Relay System
VMS Virtual Memory (Operation) System / Voice Message System / Voice Mail System / Voice Management System
VMSP Virtual Machine System Product
VMT Virtual Memory Technique
VMTP Versatile Message Transaction Protocol
VN Virtual Network
VNA Virtual Networking Architecture
VNET Virtual NETwork
VNF Virtual Network Feature
VNL Via Net Loss (plan)
VNLF Via Net Loss Factor
VNLP Via Net Loss Plan
VOD Video On Demand
VODAS Voice Over Data Access Station
VOIP Voice over IP (usually as VoIP)
VOL Volume
VOLM Volume
VOM Volt Ohm Meter
VOP Velocity Of Propagation
VOR Visions Of Reality
VOS Virtual Operating System / Verbal Operating System / Voice Operating System
VOTS VAX OSI Transport Service
VOX Volume Element
VP Virtual Path
VPA VAX Performance Advisor
VPC Virtual Path Connection
VPCI Virtual Path Connection Identifier
VPD Virtual Printer Device / Vital Product Data
VPDN Virtual Private Data Network
VPDS Virtual Private Data Service
VPE Video Port Extensions / Virtual Programming Environment
VPI Virginia Polytechnical Institute / Virtual Path Identifier
VPL Virtual Path Link / Virtual Programming Language / Visual Programming Language
VPLA Visual Programming Language for Animation
VPM Video Port Manager
VPN Virtual Page Number / Virtual Private Network
VPP Peak-Point Voltage (usually Vpp)
VPS Voice Processing System
VPSC Vault Process Structure Configuration
VPT Virtual Path Terminator
VPT Virtual Print Technology
VQ Vector Quantication
VR Virtual Reality / Voltage Regulated/Regulator/Regulation
VRAM Video Random Access Memory
VRC Vertical Redundancy Check
VRDI Virtual Raster Display Interface
VRE Voltage Regulation Extended
VRM Voltage Regulator Module
VRML Virtual Reality Markup Language / Virtual Reality Modeling Language
VROOMM Virtual Real-time Object Oriented Memory Manager
VRS Voice Response System
VRT Voltage Regulation Technology
VRTP VINES Routing Transport Protocol
VRU Voice Response Unit
VRUP VINES Routing Update Protocol
VS Virtual Scheduling / Virtual Storage
VS/VD Virtual Source / Virtual Destination
VSAM Virtual Sequential Access Method / Virtual Storage Access Method
VSAT Very Small Aperture Terminal
VSB Vestigial SideBand (modulation)
VSC VocalTec Software Compression
VSE Virtual Storage Extended
VSF Vertical Scanning Frequency / Voice Store and Forward
VSI Virtual Socket Interface
VSIO Virtual Serial Input Output
VSLI Very Large Scale Integration
VSM Virtual Shared Memory / Virtual Storage Management / Visual System Management
VSN Volume Serial Number
VSOS Virtual Storage Operating System
VSPC Visual Storage Personal Computing
VSPP VINES Sequenced Packet Protocol
VSR Voice Storage and Retrieval
VSS Voice Storage System
VSSP Voice Switch Signaling Point
VSVD Virtual Source / Virtual Destination
VSWR Voltage Standing Wave Radio
VSYNC Vertical Sync
VT Vertical Tabulation (ASCII) / Video Terminal / Virtual Terminal / Virtual Tributary
VTAM Virtual Telecommunications Access Method
VTAME Virtual Telecommunications Access Method Entry
VTC Volume Tape Catalog
VTG Virtual Trunk Group
VTI Virtual Terminal Interface
VTNS Virtual Telecommunications Network Service
VTOA Voice and Telephony Over ATM
VTOC Volume Table of Contents
VTP Virtual Terminal Protocol
VTPP Variable Team Pricing Plan
VTR Video Tape Recorder
VTS Video Teleconferencing System
VTX Videotex
VU Volume Unit
VUE Visual User Environment
VUI Video User Interface
VUIT Visual User Interface Tool
VUP VAX Unit of Performance
VUP Vax Unit of Processing
VWB Visual WorkBench
VxD Virtual Device Driver
VXD Virtual eXtended Driver

Searh Abbreviation
Do you know that?
  • :-j - Smoker Smiling / Tongue in cheek
  • _:^) - American Indian
  • :-" - Pursed Lips
  • 3WC - 3-Way Calling
  • ?-) - Sorry I don't know what went wrong
  • :-6 - Exhausted Wiped Out / Sour Taste in Mouth
  • 4NF - Fourth Normal Form
most popular

Defense Data Network / Defense Department Network


Bit-boundry BLock Transfer


Sets Per Hour


Warehouse Information Network Standards / Windows Internet Name Service


Common Authentication Technology / Computer Aided Test / Craft Access Terminal


Image and Scanner Interface Specification / Intermediate System to Intermediate System / Internally Switched Interface System / Investigative Support Information System


Advanced Data Communications Control Procedures


Frame Relay Capabilities


BELL COmmunications REsearch


Head Mounted Display


Average System Value


Advanced Configuration and Power Interface


Rolling On The Floor Laughing and biting into carpet




High Capacity Terrestrial Digital Service


High Sierra Format


Devilish Wink


Directory Hash Table


Variable Block / Visual Basic


Subscriber Line Interface Card / Subscriber Line Interface Circuit


Defense Data Network / Defense Department Network

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