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U& CRL Universities and Colleges Research Libraries
U/L Universal / Local
U/L Upload
UA Underground America / Universal Access / Unnumbered Acknowledgment / User Account / User Agent
UAA United Anarchists of America
UAE Unrecoverable application error (Bane of Windows' users!) / User Agent Entity
UAL User Agent Layer
UAM User Authentication Method
UAOS User Alliance for Open Systems
UAPDU User Agent Protocol Data Unit
UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter
UAS UnAvailable Second
UASFE UnAvailable Second Far End
UASL User Agent SubLayer
UAV Unmanned Air Vehicle
UBCIM Universal Bibliographic Control / International MARC
UBD User Brain Damage
UBR Unspecified Bit Rate
UC United Couriers
UCAS Universities and Colleges Admissions Service
UCC Uniform Code Council / Uniform Commercial Codes
UCD Uniform Call Distribution
UCE Unsolicited Commerical E-mail
UCET Universities Council for the Education of Teachers
UCF Underground Computing Foundation / Untouchable Cracking Force
UCHG Universities and Colleges Hardware Group
UCISA Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association (Formerly UCTG)
UCL University College London
UCM Universal Cable Module
UCMISG Universities and Colleges Management Information Services Group
UCNG Universities and Colleges Networking Group
UCoSDA Universities' and Colleges' Staff Development Agency
UCR Under Color Removal
UCS Uniform Communication Standard / Universal Component System
UCSG Universities and Colleges Software Group
UCTG Universities and Colleges Training Group (Now UCISA)
UCTLIG Universities and Colleges Teaching
UD Unit Data
UDA User-Defined Applications
UDC Universal Digital Channel / User Defined Command
UDF Universal Disk Format / Universal Data Format / User Defined Functions
UDLC Universal Data Link Control
UDMA Ultra Direct Memory Access
UDP User Datagram Protocol
UDT User Defined Type
UDVM Universal Data Voice Multiplexer
UE User Element
UFC Universities Funding Council
UFD User Friendly Diagnostics
UFS Unix File System
UGC University Grants Committee
UHF Ultra - High Frequency
UHQ Ultra High Quality (image technology)
UI Unit Interval / UNIX International / Unnumbered Information / Unnumbered Interrupt / User Interface
UIC User Identification Code
UID User Identification
UIDE User Interface Design Environment
UIF United Ignorance Front
UIMS User Interface Management Systems
UIS Universal Information Services
UIST User Interface Software and Technology (symposium)
UITP Universal Information Transport Plan
UK United Kingdom
UKERNA United Kingdom Educational and Research Network Association (formerly the JNT)
UKOLN The United Kingdom Office for Library and Information Networking
UKRA United Kingdom Registration Authority
UL Upload
ULA Upper Layer Architecture
ULCC University of London Computing Centre
ULCT Upper Layer Conformance Testing
ULL Unix Linkable Library
ULP Upper Layer Protocol / Upper Layer Process
ULTRA Underground Legion of Terroristic Research Activists
UMA Upper Memory Area
UMB Upper Memory Block
UMD User Manager for Domains
UME UNI Management Entity
UML Unified Modeling Language
UMPDU User Message Protocol Data Unit
UMSLG University Medical-School Librarians Group
UN United Nations
UNA Upstream Neighbors Address
UNC Uniform Naming Convention / Universal Naming Convention
UNHIOL University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab
UNI User-to-Network Interface / User-to-Network Interface (ATM specification)
UNICODE Unique Universal and Uniform character enCoding
UNISTAR UNIversal Single call Telecommunications Answering and Repair
UNISTAR Universal Single-Call Telecommunications Answering & Repairing
UNITE User Network Interface to Everything
UNIVAC Universal Automatic Computer
UNIX Uniplexed Information and Computer Systems
UNJEDI United Nations Joint Electronic Data Interchange
UNMA Unified Network Management Architecture
UNN Urine Nation News
unPC Politically incorrect
UNTDI United Nations Trade Data Interchange
UOF Unusual Order Form
UP Uni-Processor
UPC Universal Product Code / Update Protect Checking / Usage Parameter Control / Utility Port Conditioner
UPH Units Per Hour
UPI United Phreaker's Incorporated / United Press International
UPN Universal Product Number
UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply/System / United Parcel Service / United Pirate Syndicate
UPT Universal Personal Telecommunications
UPU Universal Postal Union
URBAN Undaground Rap Blastin Asiatic Newsletter
URG Urgent (flag)
URI Uniform Resource Indicator
URL Uniform Resource Locator
URL Uniform Resource Locator / Universal Resource Locator
URL Universal Resource Locator
URN Underground Rip-Off Network
URR Urgent reply requested
URSI Union Radio Scientifique Internationale
US Unit Separator (ASCII) / United States
USA Undedicated Switch Access / United Software Association / United States Alliance (Amiga Group) / United States of America
USA/FLT United Software Association/Fairlight
USART Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter
USB Universal Serial Bus / Upper Side Band
USC User Steering Committee
USCIC U.S. Country Information Center
USDA Uncle Sam's Demo Agency
USDN United States Digital Network
USFDC U.S. Financial Data Center
USIBC U.S. Integrated Business Center
USIPA United States Internet Providers Association
USITA United States Independent Telephone Association
USL Unix System Laboratories
USM UnSharp Masking
USMP U.S. Manufacturing Planning
USNC United States National Committee
USO Universal Service Order
USOC Universal Service Ordering Code
USP Universal Sampling Plan
USPL U.S. Price List
USPS United States Postal Service
USR U.S. Robotics
USRA Universities Space Research Association
USRT Universal Synchronous Receiver Transmitter
USSS United States Secret Service
UST Unresolved Sexual Tension [X-Philes (fans)]
USV User Services
UT Upper Tester
UTAM Unlicensed Transition And Management
UTC Universal Time Coordinated (usually listed as Universal Coordinated Time)
UTG United Traders of Germany
UTMC United Technologies Microelectronics Center
UTOPIA Universal Test and Operations PHY Interface for ATM
UTP Unshielded Twisted-Pair
UTTP Unshielded Telephone Twisted Pair
UTX Universal Transaction eXchange
UUCICO Unix to Unix Copy Incoming Copy Outgoing
UUCP UNIX to UNIX copy [an archaic file transfer program]
UUID Universal Unique IDentifier
UUS User to User Signalling
UUT Unit Under Test
UVC Universal Voice Channel
UXU Underground Experts United

Searh Abbreviation
Do you know that?
  • :-@ - Confused ill / I'm swearing a blue streak / Screaming
  • *ves* - Very evil smile
  • =P~ - Sticking your tongue out
  • @*&$!% - You know what that means...
  • |-O - Yawning / Snoring / Birth
  • 8:-) - Little Girl
  • ;-) - a winking smiley face [for more subtle humor] / Wink (light sarcasm) / Also part of the ichat logo
most popular

Mass Announcement System Memory


Internet Relay Chat / International Record Carrier


Effects / Foreign eXchange


Fuc*ed if I Know


MicroVax Business


Electronic Business Data Interchange


Guess you had to be here


on an unrelated subject


VAX Performance Advisor


System Under Test


Computer Software and Applications Conference


Datagram Delivery Protocol / Direct Distribution Panel / Distributed Data Processing


Field Office Information Management (system)


Presentation Element Parser YACC


Electronic Software Licensing / Emergency Stand-aLone


Mother Of All Tests


High Resolution Diagnostic Diskette / Human Resources Development


Base Transciever Station


Personal System/2


Wider happy face (or Mistrel singers)


Mass Announcement System Memory

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