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Q Queue
q=] Alternative smily with a backward hat on
QA Quality Assurance / Queue Arbitrated
QAF Q Adapter Function
QAM Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
QAS Quasi-Associated Signaling
QBE Query By Example
QBIC Query By Image Content
QBIT Qualified Bit
QBM Query By Model
QBOD Quality Board of Directors
QBP QuickBooks Pro
QC Quality Control
QD Queuing Delay
QDN Query Direct Number
QDSS Q-Bus Dragon Sub-System
QEMM Quarterdeck Extended Memory Manager
QFA Quick File Access
QFP Quad Flat Pack
QIC Quarter Inch Cartridge / Quarter Inch Committee
QIO Queue Input / Output
QLLC Qualified Link Level Control / Qualified Logical Link
QMP Quality Measurement Plan
QMS Quality Micro Systems
QND Quantum Network Design
QOH Quantity On Hand
QOS Quality Of Service (sometimes as QoS)
QP Quattro Pro
QPA Quality Program Analysis
QPSK Quadrative/Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying
QPSX Queued Packet and Synchronous circuit eXchange
QR Quick Response
QRSS Quasi Random Signal Source
QSIG Unified International corporate network signalling standard
QSL Reply
QSO Conversation / QWK Support Option
QSS Quality Solution System / Quality Surveillance System
QT Cutie / Qualification Test / Quick Time
QTAM Queued Telecommunications Access Method
QTML QuickTime Media Layer
QTVR QuickTime Virtual Reality
QTW Quick-Time for Windows
QVSS Q-Bus Viper Sub-System
QWEST Quantum-Well Envelope State Transition

Searh Abbreviation
Do you know that?
  • 8-) - Gorilla / Wearing (sun) glasses / Oh boy! Used to denote wide-eyed look ( with a smile ?).
  • (:)-) - Scuba Diving
  • 8(:-) - Walt Disney [] Hugs
  • 3D - Three Dimensional
  • (((((name)))) - Hug (cyber hug)
  • :-$ - Ill as in sick / Money talks
  • =#:-) - Wizard
most popular

Faster than Light


Politically incorrect / Personal Identification Code / Plastic Insulated Cable / Polyolefin Insulated Cables / Preferred InterExchange Carrier / Primary Inter-exchange Carrier / Primary Independent Carrier / Programmable Interrupt Controller


Line Verification Module / Logical Volume Manager


Bald Guy


Interactive Mail Access Protocol / Internet Message(ing) Access Protocol


Trouble Locating Manual


Great minds think alike / Got me there again


Metal Oxide Varistor


Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers' Association


Tounge tied :-||Angry


Marketing Sales Strategy Committee


Urgent reply requested


Cipher Text Auto Key


PC Pursuit / Pyscho Corporate Productions


Presentation Selector

):-P :-P

with a forehead


Full Service Network


System (Spool) Display and Search Facility


Virtual (8086) Mode / Virtual Machine / Virtual Memory / Voice Messaging


D-Inside Wire


Faster than Light

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