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O Organization
O/S Operating System
O:) Angel(ic) / Halo
O:-) Angel(ic) / Halo
O:O A girl is mooning you
O--< Fishy
O2 Object Oriented
OA Office Automation / Order Administration / Order Administration
OA&M Operations Administration & Maintainance
OAG Open Applications Group
OAGEE Official Airlines Guide Electronic Edition
OAM Operations Administration and Maintenance
OAM&P Operation Administration Maintenance and Provisioni
OAO Over And Out
OARS On a Related Subject
OASYS Office Automation SYStem
OATUS On a Totally Unrelated Subject
OAUS on an unrelated subject
Ob- [as a prefix] obligatory
Ob Ob- [as a prefix] obligatory / Out of Bounds
OBE Overtaken By Events
Objoke Obligatory joke
OBTW Oh by the way
OBU Option Business Unit
OC Operator Centralization
OCAP Orange Cats Are Pretty
OCC Other Common Carrier
OCD Out of Cell Delineation
OCE Open Collaboration Environment / Other Common carrier channel Equipment / Other Common Equipment
OCF Object Components Framework
OCIRYITM Of course i'll respect you in the morning
OCIS Organized Crime Information Systems
OCLC Online Computer Library Catalog
OCPS Open Content Publisher Standard
OCR Optical Character Reader / Optical Character Recognition
OCRC Option Change Review Committee
OCS Original ChipSet the first custom chipset for the amiga.
OCU Office Channel Unit
OCX OLE Custom control
OD Outdial
ODA Office Document Architecture
ODAC Operations Distribution Administration Center
ODBC Open Database Compliant/Connectivity
ODD Operator Distance Dialing
ODDD Operator Direct Distance Dialing
ODI Open Data Interface / Open Data-link Interface
ODMA Open Document Management API
ODMG Object Database Management Group
ODN OutDial Notification
ODS Optical Data Systems/Stream
ODSI Open Directory Service Interface
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OEMF Open Element Management Framework
OF Overflow
OFB (K-bit) Output Feedback
OFC Open Financial Connectivity (specification)
OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
OFG Originally Funny Guys
OFNPS Outstate Facility Network Planning System
OGT OutGoing Trunk
OGT Out-Going Trunk
OGVT OutGoing Verification Trunk
OH (modem) Off Hook
OHP OverHead Projection (film)
OIC Oh I See
OIC Oh I see
OIC Oh I See
OIC Oh I See!
OIP Opportunity Investment Planning
OIS Office and Information Systems
OJT On the Job Training
OL Old Lady (significant other)
OL Ordered List
OLAP OnLine Analytical Processing
OLAP On-Line Analytical Processing
OLE Object Linking and Embedding
OLI Originating Line Information
OLTM Optical Line Terminating Multiplexer
O-LTM Optical Line Terminating Multiplexer
OLTP OnLine Transaction Processing
OLTP On-Line Transaction Processing
OLX Off-Line eXpress
OM Old Man (significant other)
OMA Object Management Architecture
OMC Office of Munitions Control
OMG Oh My God / Object Management Group (model)
OML Open Modeling Language
OMM Output Message Manual
OMNI Organising Medical Networked Information
OMPF Operation and Maintenance Processor Frame
OMR Optical Mark Recognition
OMT Object Modeling Technique
ONAC Operations Network Administration Center
ONAL Off Network Access Line
ONAW Oh No! Another Wedgie
ONE Open Network Environment
ONI Operator Number Identification
ONLY Used by shareware authors who over-price ie. "$99.95."
ONMS Open Network Management System
ONNA Oh No Not Again
ONNTA Oh No Not This Again
ONU Optical Networking Unit
OO Object Orientation/Oriented
OOB Out Of Band(width)
OOC Out Of Character
OOD Office of Development (Central Engineering)
OODBMS Object-Oriented DataBase Management System
OODCE Object Oriented Distributed Computing Environment
OOF Out Of Frame
OOFNet Our Own Fucking Net
OOI Out Of Interest
OOO Out Of Order
OOP Object Oriented Programming
OOPSLA Object Oriented Programming Systems Language and Appl
OOSOOM Out of Sight Out of Mind
OOT Object Oriented Technology
OOTB Out Of The Box (brand new)
OOTC Obligatory On-Topic Comment
OOUI Object Oriented User Interface
OP Operator / Option / Outside Plant
OPAC On-line Public Access Catalogue
OPAL On-line Presentation Access Library
OPC Organic Photoconducting Cartridge / Originating Point Codes
OPCR Operator Actions Program / Original Program Clock Reference
OPEN Protocol Enhanced Networks
OPEOS Outside Plant Engineering and Operations System
OPI Open Prepress Interface
OPL Organizer Programming Language
OPM Outage Performance Monitoring / Outside Plant Module
OPOM Organizational Program Office Manager
OPOS OLE for Point Of Sale
OPS Off Premises Station
OPS Operations / Oracle Parallel Server
OPSM Outside Plant Subscriber Module
OPT Open Protocol Technology
OPX Off Premises eXtension
OQR Object Query Language
OQS Object Query Service
OR Originating Register
ORB Object Request Broker / Office Repeater Bay
ORDBMS Object-Relational DataBase Management System
ORG Organization (usually as .org)
ORM Object Role Modeling / Optical Remote Module
ORMS Operating Resource Management System
ORPC Object Remote Procedure Call
ORSD Object Registration Service Daemon (usually as orsd)
OS Operating System / Operator Service / Output Spy (ITS) / OutState
OS/2 Half an Operating System / Obsolete Soon Too. / Operating System/2
O-S-< In a hurry
OSAC Operator Services Assistance Center
OSC Operator Services Center / OSCillator
OSCA Open Systems Color Association
OSD Open Software Description
OSDS Operating System for Distributed Switching
OSE Open Systems Environment / Open Software Foundation / Operations System Function
OSF/DCE Open Software Foundation Distributed Computing Environ
OSI Open Systems Interconnect(ion) / Open Standards Interconnect(ion) /
OSID Originating Signaling Identifier
OSIE Open Systems Interconnection Environment
OSINET Open Systems Interconnection NETwork
OSIRM Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model
OSM OS Specific Module
OSME Open Systems Message Exchange
OSO Originating Signaling Office
OSP Office of Sales Programs / OutSide Plant
OSPF Open Shortest Path First (protocol)
OSPS Operator Service Position System
OSR OEM Service Release / OEM System Release / Operating System-Specific / Operational Support System/Services / Operator Service(s) System
OSSWG Office System Standards Work Group
OST Originating Station Treatment
OSTA Optical Storage Technology Association
OSTC Open Systems Testing Consortium
OSTP Office of Science and Technology Policy
OSWS Operating System WorkStation
OT Off topic / Open Transport
OTA Office of Technology Assessment
OTB Off to bed
OTC Over the Counter / Operating Telephone Company
OTD Off the Dock
OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflectometer(s)
OTE Off Track Excursion / Off Track Experience
OTF On the Floor / Object Testing Framework
OTFM Only the Facts Mam
OTL Out To Lunch / OSI Testing Liaison
OTM Object Transaction Monitor
OTOH On The Other Hand
OTOOH On The Other Other Hand
OTP One Time Programmable / Order Transaction Processing
OTQ Out-going Trunk Queuing
OTR Operational Trouble Report
OTS Off The Shelf
OTT Over The Top
OTTH On the third hand
OTTOMH Off the Top of My Head
OTTOMHAROOB Off the Top of My Head and Rolling Out of Bounds
OTW On the Whole
OU Organizational Unit
OUI Organization Unique Identifier / Organizational Unit I
OURS Open User Recommended Solutions (user group)
OUTWATS OUTward Wide Area Telecommunications Service
OV OpenView
OVD Optical Video Disk
OVDA Optical Video Disc Association
OW Over-Write
OWF One-Way Function / Optimum Working Frequency
OWL Object Windows Library
OWRTS Open - Wire Radio Transmission System
OWTL Open - Wire Transmission Line
OWTTE Or Words to that Effect
O-Z-< In a big hurry

Searh Abbreviation
Do you know that?
  • :.) - Small-skewed-button-nosed smiley
  • (:-... - Broken Heart
  • *:* - Fuzzy
  • %-^) - Picasso
  • ...---... - S.O.S.
  • *kb* - Kiss back
  • -0.06 - Braindead
most popular

Ticket - Granting Ticket


Server Message Block (protocol)


Large Capacity Tray


Display Power Management Signaling / DOS Protected Mode Services


Charachter-Oriented Windows (Interface)


United States Independent Telephone Association


World - Wide / Worldwide


Internet Protocol Next Generation (usually as IPng)


Old Man (significant other)


Lips are sealed


Encoded Information Type


ATM Research & Industrial Enterprise Study


B-ISDN Terminal Equipment


Communications Services Management Council


VIrtual Interface / Virtual Interrupt Flag


Read The F**king FAQ


Association of University Administrators


Corporate Consolidated Data Network


Digital Interface Unit


PROgramming with Graph REwriting Systems


Ticket - Granting Ticket

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