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JAD Joint Application Development
JAM Just A Minute
JANET Joint Academic Network
JASE Just another system error
JASPER JISC Academic Service Providers to Educate and Research
JAUC Journal of American Underground Computing
JBIG Joint Bi-level Imaging Group
JBOD Just a Bunch Of Disks
JCL Job Control Language
JDA Joint Development Agreement
JDBC Java DataBase Connection / Java DataBase Connectivity
JDI Java Driver Interface
JDK Java Development Kit
JEC Job Evaluation Classification
JEDEC Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council
JEDI Joint Electronic Data Interchange
JEIDA Japanese Electronic Industry Development Association
JEMA Japanese Electric Machinery Association
JEPI Joint Electronic Payment Initiative
JES Job Entry Subsystem
JES Job Entry System
JFC Java Foundation Classes
JFS Journaled File System
JFTR Just for the record
JGL Java Generic Library
JIBS JISC Bibliographic Service User Group
JIC Just In Case
JIDM (X/Open) Joint InterDomain Management
JIM Job Information Memorandum
JIPS JANET Internet Protocol Service
JIS Jurisdictional Interstate Services
JISC Japanese Industrial Standards Committee / Joint Information Systems Committee
JIT Just In Time
JITEC Joint Information Technology Experts Committee
JJ Just Joking (usually as < jj>)
JK Just kidding (can also stand for joking - )
JMAIL Junk eMail (aka Spam)
J-MAIL Junk eMail (aka Spam)
JMAPI Java Management APlication Interface
JMHO Just My Humble Opinion
JMO Just My Opinion
JMUG Japanese MAP/TOP User Group
JMX Jumbogroup Multiplex
JNDI Java Naming and Directory Interface
JNET Japanese Network
JNT Joint Network Team
JNUG JANET National User Group
JOOP Journal of Object-Oriented Programming
JOVIAL Jule's Own Version of the International Algorithmic Language
JPEG Joint Photographic/Picture Experts Group
JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JRAG Joint Registration Advisory Group
JRMP Java Remote Method Protocol
JS JavaScript
JSA Japan Standards Association
JSC Johnson Space Center
JSN Junction Switch Number
JSNM Just Stark Naked Magic
JSW Junctor Switch
JTAP JISC Technology Applications Programme
JTC Joint Technical Committee
JTCI Joint Technical Committee on Information technology.
JTLYK Just To Let You Know
JTM Job Transfer and Manipulation
JTP Jolt Transaction Protocol
JTS Java Transaction Services
JTYWTK Just Thought You Wanted To Know
JUGA JANET User Group for Administrators
JUGL JANET User Group for Libraries
JUNET Japanese UNIX Network
JUSW Janet User Support Workshop
JVM Java Virtual Machine
JVTOS Joint Viewing and Tele-Operation Service

Searh Abbreviation
Do you know that?
  • >:-( - Angry / Frown or Upset or annoyed
  • :) - A smile don't take it seriously
  • ~M`'~ - Camel
  • %-^) - Picasso
  • |-O - Yawning / Snoring / Birth
  • ...---... - S.O.S.
  • :-I - Indifferent / Smoker
most popular

Inherited Rights Mask


European Space Operations Center




Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer


CORperate NETwork


Customer Name & Address


DYnamic LANguage


Plastic Quad Flat Pack (socket)


Fiber Optics


Management Information Tree / Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Master Installation Tape


End System to Intermediate System


Common Data Dictionary


Manufacturing Corporate Account Manager


Low Insertion Force


Radio Broadcast Data System


Category Theory and Computer Science


Wearing Glasses


Network Layer


Switched Multimegabit Data Service / Switched Multi-Megabit Data Service / Switched Multi-Megabit Data Services


Windows Parallel Virtual Machine


Inherited Rights Mask

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