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I&M Installation and Maintenance
i-) Private Eye (detective)
I.B.M. I Blame Microsoft.
I/O Input/Output
IA Implementation Agreement / Intel Architecture
IAA Initial Address Acknowledgment
IAB Internet Activities Board / Internet Advisory Board / Internet Architecture Board
IABI Intel Application Binary Interface (usually as iABI)
IAC In Any Case / Inter-Application Communication / International Advisory Committee / Interpret As Command
IACIS International Association of Computer Investigation Specialists
IAD (The) Internet Acronym Dictionary / Integrated Access Device / Interface Analysis Document
IAE In Any Event
IAHC International Ad Hoc Committee
IAL mIRC term for Internal Address List
IAM Initial Address Message / Inverse ATM Mux
IANA I am not a ... / Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
IANACPA I am not a CPA
IANAL I am not a lawyer [a disclaimer of professional knowledge]
IANALBIPOOTV I Am Not A Lawyer But I Play One On TV
IAPI Internet Application Programming Interface
IAPP Industrial Automation Planning Panel / International Association of Presentation Professionals
IAR Initial Address Reject
IARTPFWTSIOWIM I am Repeating this Parrot fashion without the slightest idea of what it Means
IASG Internetwork Address Sub-Group (ATM Forum)
IB Instruction Buffer / Interface Builder
IBC Inadequate But Cute
IBCN Integrated Broadband Communication Network
IBI Information Builders Inc.
IBIS International Banking & Information Security (conference)
IBK Idiot Behind Keyboard
IBM I Blame Microsoft / Inadequate But Marketable / Inferior But Marketable / Insidious Black Magic / International Buisness Machines / Its Been Malfunctioning / Its Better Manually
IBMNM IBM Network Management
IBN I'm Buck Naked / Integrated Business Network
IBS Intelsat Buisness Services
IBSG Internetwork Broadcast Sub-Group (ATM Forum)
IBTD I beg to differ.
IBUFG Internetwork Broadcast Unknown Functional Group (ATM Forum)
IC I See / In Character / Independent Carrier / Industry Canada / Initial Cell (rate) / Inner Circle / Input Controller / Integrated Circuit / Inter-Exchange Carrier / Inter-LATA Carrier
ICA Intelligent Communications Adapter / Intelligent Console Architecture (Protocol) / International Communications Association
ICAN Individual Circuit Analysis
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICBL Institute for Computer Based Learning
ICBW I Could Be Wrong
ICC International Chamber of Commerce / International Color Consortium / International Communication Conference / International Control Center / Interstate Commerce Commission
ICCB Internet Configuration Control Board
ICCC International Computer Communications Council
ICCP Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals
ICCV International Conference on Computer Vision
ICD Interactive Call Distribution / International Code Designation/Designator
ICDTAFD I could do this/that all fu**ing day.
ICE Inner Circle Elite / Insane Creator Enterprises (usually as iCE) / Integrated Compression Engine / International Communications Echomail / Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics / In-Circuit-Emulator
ICECCS International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems
ICES (IC) Interference-Causing Equipment Standard
ICFA International Computer Fax Association
ICFG IASG Coordination Function Group (ATM Forum)
ICH International Call Handling
ICI Incoming Call Identification / Interexchange Carrier Interface / Interface Control Information
ICL International Computers Limited
ICLID Individual Calling Line Identification
ICLP International Conference on Logic Programming
ICM Integrated Call Management
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
ICN International Cooperating Network / InterConnecting Network
ICO Intermediate Circular Orbit (satellite)
ICOMP Intel Comparative Microprocessor Performance
ICOS International Club for Open Systems
ICOT ISDN COnformance Testing
ICP Initial Connection Protocol / Internet Control Protocol / Interprocess Communications Protocol
ICPOT InterExchange Carrier-Point of Termination
ICPP International Conference on Parallel Processing
ICPR International Conference on Pattern Recognition
ICPT Intercept Tone
ICR Inductance Capacitance Resistance / Intelligent Call Router / Intelligent Charachter Recognition
ICRA International Conference on Robotics and Automation
ICRIS Integrated Customer Record Information System
ICS Italian Cracking Service
ICSC Inter-LATA Customer Service Center
ICSE International Conference on Software Engineering
ICSR Independent Customer Service Representative
ICST Institute for Computer Sciences and Technology
ICSU Internal Channel Service Unit
ICUG International Closed User Groups
ICUR I See You Are
ICVT InComing Verification Trunk
ICW Interrupt Continuous Wave
ID Identification / Identifier / Internet Draft
I-D Internet-Draft
IDA Integrated Digital Access
IDAPI Independent Database Application Programming Interface / Integrated Database Applicati
IDC Information Distribution Companies / Insulation Displacement Contact / International Data Corporation / Internet Database Connector
IDC/HTX Internet Database Connector HTML Extention
IDCI Interim Defined Central Office Interface
IDCMA Independent Data Communication Manufacturers' Association
IDD International Direct Dialing
IDDD International Direct Distance Dialing
IDE Integrated Development Environment / Integrated Device Electronics / Interactive Development Environment / Integrated Drive Electronics (hard drive interface) / Intelligent Drive Electronics
IDEA International Data Encryption Algorithm / Internet Design Engineering and Analysis
IDECUS Internal Digital Equipment Corporation User's Society
IDF Intermediate Distribution Frame
IDG Inter-Dialog Gap
IDGABTT It Don't Get Any Better Than This
IDGAD I Don't Give a Damn
IDGAS I Don't Give a Shi*
IDH Inpherno Data Haven
IDI Initial Domain Identifier / Intergalactic Dismantling Incorporated
IDK I don't know
IDL (RPC) Interface Definition Language
IDLC Integrated Digital Loop Carrier
IDM Integrated Diagnostic Modem
IDMR InterDomain Multicast Routing
IDN Integrated Digital Networks
IDP Initial Domain Part / Integrated Detector Pre-amplifier / Internet Datagram Protocol
IDPR InterDomain Policy Routing
IDRP InterDomain Routing Protocol
IDS Internal Directory System
IDSL ISDN Digital Subscriber Line
IDT Interrupt Dispatch Table
IDTR Interrupt Descriptor Table Register
IDTS I Don't Think So
IDTT I'll Drink To That!
IDU Interface Data Unit
IDUG International DB2 Users Group
IDVC Integrated Data / Voice Channel
IE Information Element
IEC InterExchange Carrier / International Electrotechnical Commission
IED International Engineering Development
IEE Institute of Electrical Engineers
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic and Electrical Engineers
IEG Internal Equipment Group
IEN Integrated Enterprise Network / Internet Engineering Note
IEPG Intercontinental Engineering Planning Group
IES Information Exchange System
IESG Internet Engineering Steering Group
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IETS Interim European Telecommunications Standard
I-ETS Interim European Telecommunications Standard
IF Intermediate Frequency / Interrupt (enable) Flag
IFC Internet Foundation Classes
IFD Image File Directory
IFDC International File Distribution Cooperative
IFF Interchange File Format
IFG InterFrame Gap
IFH Image File Header
IFIP International Federation for Information Processing
IFL Image File List
IFM Intelligent Flow Management
IFOBS International Forum on Open Bibliographic Systems
IFRB International Frequency Registration Board
IFRPS Intercity Facility Relief Planning System
IFS Installable File System
IFTW Install From The Web
IFU Interworking Functional Unit
IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol / Internet Group Multicast Protocol
IGOSS Industry and Government Open Systems Specification
IGP I Gotta Pee / Interior Gateway Protocol
IGRDLNAIPTTPG I got really drunk last night and I prayed to the porcelain god
IGRP Internet Gateway Routing Protocol
IHA International Hackers Association
IHL Internet Header Length
IHNS I have no standards
IHV Independent Hardware Vendor
IIA Information Interchange Architecture
IID Interface Identifier
IIJ Internet Initiative Japan
IIM Inventory Information Management
IIN Integrated Information Network
IINREN Interagency Interim National Research and Education Network
IIOP (CORBA) Internet Inter-ORB Protocol / Internet Interoperable ORB Protocol
IIRC If I Recall Correctly / If I Remember Correctly
IIRG International Information Retrieval Guild
IIS Internet Information Server / Internet Information Services
IISF International Information Security Foundation
IISP Interim Inter-switch Signaling Protocol
IITF Information Infrastructure Task Force
IITP Internetwork Interoperability Test Plan
IITYWIMIWHTKY If I tell you what it means I will have to kill you
IITYWIMWYBMAD If I tell you what it means will you buy me a drink?
IITYWTMWYBMAD If I Tell You What This Means Will You Buy Me A Drink?
IITYWTMWYKM If I tell you what this means will you kiss me?
IIW ISDN Implementors Workshop
IIWM if it were me (mine)
IJCAI International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
IJCNN International Joint Conference on Neural Networks
IKITBIRIIT I know it's true because I read it in Truthnet
IKP Internet Keyed Payment (protocol)
IL Indirect Labor
ILAC International Laboratory Accreditation Conference
ILD Injection Laser Diode
ILF I'll Look Forward / Information Liberation Front
ILINRAW I lied i'm not really a woman
ILIWTPCT I Love It When the Plan Comes Together
ILMI Integrated Layer Management Interface / Interim Link Management Interface / Interim Local Management Interface
ILOP Intelligent Local OPeration
I-LOP Intelligent Local OPeration
ILPS International Logic Programming Symposium
ILSHIBAMF I Laughed so Hard I Broke All my Furniture
ILY I Love You
IM Intelligent Messaging / Intensity Modulation / Interface Module / Interpersonal Messaging
IM&T Information and Technology Management
IMA Interactive Multimedia Association / Inverse Multiplexing over ATM
IMAC Isochronous Media Access Control
IMADA (Danish) Institut for Matematik og Datalogi
IMAO In My Arrogant Opinion
IMAP Interactive Mail Access Protocol / Internet Message(ing) Access Protocol
IMAS Integrated Mass Announcement System
IMBBSA International Major Bulletin Board System Association
IMBO In My Biased Opinion or In My Bloody Opinion
IMC Initial Microcode Load
IMCAO in my completely arrogant opinion (Use for attracting flames!)
IMCO In My Considered Opinion [var. of IMHO]
IME In My Experience
IMHO In My Honest Opinion / In My Humble Opinion
IMIL International Management Information Library
IMM Idle Material Management / Input Message Manual
IMnerHO In my not even remotely humble opinion
IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion
IMO In My Opinion
IMOBO In My Own Biased Opinion.
IMP Information Management Plan / Interface Message Processor
IMPACT Information Market Policy Actions / Avalanche and Transit Time
IMPO In my pious opinion
IMPS Interface Message ProcessorS
IMR Information Management Research / Internet Monthly Report
IMS Information Management System / Integrated Management Systems
IMSP Independent Manufacturer Support Program
IMT Inter-Machine Trunk
IMTC International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium
IMTS Improved Mobile Telephone Service
IM-UAPDU Interpersonal Messaging User Agent Protocol Data Unit
IMUX Inverse MUltipleXing
IMVHO In My Very Humble Opinion
IN Inch (usually as or " ) / Intelligent Network
IN/1 Intelligent Network/1
INA Information Networking Architecture
INAL I'm Not A Lawyer
INAP Intelligent Network Access Point
INARP Inverse Address Resolution Protocol (usually as InARP)
INC Incorporated / International Carrier / International Network of Crackers
INCA Integrated Network Communication Architecture
INFOSEC INFOrmation systems SECurity
INHCBSIGIAV I've never had cybersex before so I guess i'm a virgin
INIT Initialization
INL Inter Node Link
INMARSAT INternational MARitime SATellite service
INN Inter Node Network
INP Intelligent Network Processor
INPO In No Particular Order
INRIA Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique
INS Information Network System
INT Integer
INTA International Trademark Association
INTAP INteroperability Technology Association for information Processing
INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite Consortium/Organization
InterNIC Internet Network Information Center
INTT Incoming No Test Trunks
INTUG INternational Telecommunications Users' Group
INV Inventory
INWATS Inward Wide Area Telephone/Telecommunications Service
INWG International Network Working Group
IO Independent Option / Input/Output / Inward operator
IOC Input/Output Controller
IOCC International Overseas Completion Center
IOD Identified Outward Dialing
IOE Illegal Operation Error
IOHO In our humble opinion
IOM Input/Output Module
IONL Internal Organization of the Network Layer
IOP Input/Output Processor / Interoperability
IOPL Input/Output Privilege Level
IOS Input/Output System / Internetwork Operating System / Intermediate Open System / Inter-Network Operating System
IOT Inter-Office Trunk
IOW In Other Words
IOWA Inmates of the World Asylum
IP Information Provider / Instruction Pointer / Intermediate Point / Internet Protocol
IPAYTF I'm pregnant and you're the father
IPC Internet Proxy Cache / InterProcess Communication
IPCH Initial Paging Channel
IPCS Interactive Problem Control System
IPD Internet Protocol Datagram
IPDP Industrial Peripheral Data Processing
IPDS Intelligent Printer Data Stream
IPDU Internetwork Protocol Data Unit
IPE In-band Parameter Exchange
IPG Image Processing Group
IPH Impressions Per Hour
IPI Initial Protocol Identifier / Intelligent Peripheral Interface / International Painting Interactive (project)
IPL Initial Program Load
IPLAN Integrated Planning And Analysis
IPLS InterLATA Private Line Services
IPM Images Per Minute / Impulses Per Minute / InterPersonal Messaging / Interruptions Per Minute
IPMI Internet Provider Multicast Initiative
IPMO Industry Program Management Office
IPMS InterPersonal Messaging Service / InterPersonal Messaging System
IPMUA InterPersonal Messaging User Agent
IPM-UA InterPersonal Messaging User Agent
IPN Integrated Packet Network / International Printers Network / Internet Protocol Number
IPNG Internet Protocol Next Generation (usually as IPng)
IPNS ISDN PBX Networking Specification / Forum A body committed to accelerate development of the QSIG standard by providing co-ordinated input to ECMA
IPPM Internet Protocol Performance Metrics
IPPS International Parallel Processing Symposium
IPS Inches Per Second (usually ips) / Information Processing System / Internet Protocol Suite (aka TCP/IP)
IPSG Internal Product Strategies Group
IPSIT International Public Sector Information Technology
IPT Inventory Program Team
IPTF Information Protection Task Force
IPV4 Internet Protocol Version 4
IPv6 Internet Protocol Version 6
IPX Integrated/Internet/Internetwork Packet Exchange
IPX/SPX Internetwork Packet Exchange / Sequenced Packet Exchange
IPXODI Internetwork Packet Exchange Open Data-Link Interface
IR Immortal Riot / InfraRed / Internet Registry / Internet Router / Inter-network Router
IRC Internet Relay Chat / International Record Carrier
IRD Information Resource Dictionary
IRDA Infrared Data Association / Infrared Developers Association
IRDS Information Resource Dictionary System
IRF Inherited Rights Filter / Intermediate Routing Function
IRG International Rogues Guild
IRHTTWOOH It's really hard to type with only one hand
IRL In Real Life
IRM Inherited Rights Mask
IRMFI I Reply Merely For Information
IROR Internal Rate of Return
IROS Intelligent Robots and Systems
IRP-BBS Information Reporting Program Bulletin Board System / Information Returns Program Bull
IRQ Interrupt - Request Line/Level
IRR Internal Rate of Return
IRS Internal Revenue Service
IRSG Internet Research Steering Group
IRT In Regards To
IRTF Internet Research Task Force
IRTOS I20 Real Time Operating System
IRV International Reference Version
IS Information Services
IS Information Systems
IS Intermediate System
IS International Standard
IS Internet Standard
IS Interrupt Set
ISA Industry Standard Adapter / Interactive Services Association
ISA Industry Standard Architecture
ISA Interactive Services Association
ISAKMP Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol
ISAM Indexed Sequential Access Method
ISAPI Internet Server Application Programming Interface /Internet Server Advanced Programming Interface
ISBN International Standard Book Number
ISBS Information Systems Business Segment
ISC Inter-Nation Switching Center
ISC Inter-nation Switching Center / International Switching Center
ISC International Switching Center
ISCA Intelligent Synchronous Communications Adapter
ISCC Intelligent Systems Control Console
ISCF Inter-System Control Facility
ISD International Subscriber Dialing
ISDL ISDN Digital Subscriber Line
ISDN Integrated Service Digital network / It Should Download Now / It Still Does Nothing
ISF Information Security Foundation
ISH Intermediate System Hello
ISI Information Sciences Institute
ISIS Image and Scanner Interface Specification / Intermediate System to Intermediate System / Internally Switched Interface System / Investigative Support Information System
IS-IS Intermediate System to Intermediate System
ISLM Integrated Services Line Module
ISLU Integrated Services Line Unit
ISM Industrial Scientific and Medical / Installed Systems Marketing / Intermediate Service Module / Internet Service Manager
ISMF Interactive Storage Management Facility
ISN Information Systems Network / Initial Sequence Number / Integrated Systems Network / Internet Society News
ISO International Standardisation Organisation
ISO/CS International Organization for Standardization Central Secretariat
ISOC (The) Internet Society (ISoc)
ISOCS International Standardization Organization Central Secretariat
ISODE International Standardization Organization Development Environment
ISORM International Standardization Organization Reference Model
ISP Internet Service Provider / International Standardized Profile
ISPA Internet Service Providers Association / Inverted Socket Process Architecture
ISPATS International Standardized Profile Abstract Test Suite
ISPETS International Standardized Profile Executable Test Suite
ISPF/PDF Interactive System Productivity Facility / Program Development Facility
ISPICS International Standardized Profile Implementation - Conformance Statement
ISPN INFO Security Product News
ISPS Information System Production Systems
ISPT Instituto Superiore Poste e Telecommunicazioni (Superior Institute for Post and Teleco
ISQL Interactive Structured Query Language
ISR Internet Service Routine / Interrupt Service Routine
ISS Initial System Sale / Internal Special Systems / Integrated Switching System
ISSA Information Systems Security Association
ISSB Information Systems Standards Board
ISSC Information Services Sub-Committee
ISSG Information Strategies Steering Group
ISSM Information Systems Security Monitor
ISSN Integrated Special Services Network
ISSO Information Systems Security Organization
ISTE International Society for Technology in Education
ISTM It Seems To Me
ISTR I Seem To Recall
ISU Integrated Service Unit
ISUP Integrated Services User Part / ISDN User Part
ISUS Information Services and User Support
ISV Independent Software Vendor
ISWS Internal Software Services
ISWYM I See What You Mean
IT Information Technology / Information Type / Intelligent Terminal
ITA International Telegraph Alphabet
ITAA Information Technology Association of America
ITAEGC Information Technology Advisory Experts' Group on Certification
ITAEGS Information Technology Advisory Experts' Group on Standardization
ITAEGT Information Technology Advisory Experts' Group on Telecommunications
ITAP Information and Technology Architecture Plan
ITAR International Traffic in Arms Regulation
ITB Intermediate Text Block
ITC Independent Telephone Company
ITCA International TeleConferencing Association
ITCC Information Technology Consultative Committee
ITDM Intelligent Time - Division Multiplexer
ITE Information Technology Equipment
ITG Imaging Technologies Group
ITI Industrial Technology Institute
ITI Intelligent Transportation Infrastructure / Interactive Terminal Interface
ITIMS In-service Transmission Impairment Measurement Set
ITLD International Top-Level Domain (usually as iTLD)
ITNFA I tested negative for aids
ITRC Information Technology Requirements Council
ITRO In The Region Of
ITRW In The Real World
ITS Incompatible Time Sharing System
ITS Incompatible Time-Sharing System
ITS Institute of Telecommunication Science
ITS Institute of Telecommunication Science / Institute for Telecommunication Sciences
ITS Intelligent Transportation System (previously IVHS)
ITS Internal Theft Syndicate
ITS Internet Telephony Server
ITS Invitation To Send
ITSB Image Technology Standards Board
ITSC Inter-regional Telecommunications Standards Conference
ITSEC Iformation Technology Security Evaluation Criteria
ITSEC Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria
ITSMA Information Technology Services Marketing Association
ITSO Incoming Trunk Service Observation
ITSP Information Technology and System Planning
ITSTC Information Technology STeering Committee
ITT International Telephone & Telegraph
ITT Invitation To Transmit
ITTA Iformation Technology Training Association
ITTA Information Technology Training Association
ITTI Information Technology Training Initiative
ITTP Intelligent Terminal Transfer Protocol
ITU International Telecommunications Union
ITUA Independent T1 Users' Association
ITU-T International Telecommunication Union (formerly the CCITT)
ITU-TSS International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunications Standardization Section
ITV Interactive TeleVision
ITYH Is that your hand?
ITYIRAPA I'm telling you I really am Pamela Anderson
IUD INC (International Network of Crackers) Utilities Division
IUD INC Utilities Division
IUD Insert Usual Disclaimers
IUT Implementation Under Test
IUW ISDN User's Workshop
IVD Integrated Voice and Data
IVDMS Integrated Voice and Data Multiplexers
IVDT Integrated Voice and Data Terminal
IVDTE Integrated Voice and Data Terminal Equipment
IVHS Intelligent Vehicle - Highway System
IVIS Interactive Video Interface System
IVMO Initial Value Managed Object
IVN Intervening Network
IVP Installation Verification Program
IVPC International Virus Prevention Conference
IVR Interactive Voice Response
IVTS International Video Teleconferencing Service
IW Imaging World (magazine) / Imperial Warlords (aka Five-0) / Information Week (magazine)
IWALU I Will Always Love You
IWBNI It Would Be Nice If
IWF InterWorking Function
IWM Incremental Warehaouse Methodology / Integrated Woz Machine
IWM Integrated Woz Machine
IWMM International Workshop on Memory Management
IWU Intermediate Working Unit / Internetworking Unit / Interworking Unit
IX Integrated POS(usually as MPEiX) / Interactive Executive
IXC Inter eXchange Carrier / IntereXchange Channel
IXI International X.25 Interconnect
IXM IntereXchange Mileage
IXSQL Interval Extensions to SQL
IYFEG Insert Your Favorite Ethnic Group
IYKWIM If you know what I mean
IYSWIM If You See What I Mean

Searh Abbreviation
Do you know that?
  • 7:-) - Fred Flintstone 8 Infinity
  • | -) - I'm sleeping
  • *-) - Shot Dead / Stoned
  • 2GL - Second Generation Language
  • :-6 - Exhausted Wiped Out / Sour Taste in Mouth
  • @:-) - From a person with wavy hair / Arab / East Indian
  • -:-( - Punk rocker (real punk rockers don't smile)
most popular

Fouled/F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition/Reason/Repair / Failed UniBus Address Register


Specification Of Coordinated and Cooperative Activities


Little Girl


Transverse Electromagnetic


Bill of Organization


American Telephone and Telegraph Information Systems


Independent Software Vendor


Talk to you soon


Defective Equipment Replacement Program


American Radio Relay League


Electronic Business Data Interchange


Public Packet - Switched Network


National Elite Underground Alliance


Positron Emission Tomography


Common Logic Board


Online Computer Library Catalog


Object Registration Service Daemon (usually as orsd)


MAC Recent Change Memory Administration Center / Read Committed (isolation level) / Reduced Cost / Regional Center / Remote Control / Resistance-Capacitance / Routing Control


Take Care Of Yourself


Service Data Unit


Fouled/F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition/Reason/Repair / Failed UniBus Address Register

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