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D Data channel (ISDN)
D&C Duck & Cover
D/A Digital to Analog / Digital-Analog
D/L Download transmit to you
d:-) Wearing a Cap
d00d dude
D2T2 Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer
DA Data Available / Desk Accessory / Destination Address / Digital Audio / Directory Assistance
DAA Data Access Arrangement
DAAC Distributive Active Archive Center
DAC Digital Analog Converter / Dual Attachment Concentrator
DACC Directory Assistance Call Completion
DACD Directory Access Control Domain
DACS Digital Access Cross-connect System / Directory Assistance Charging System
DAD Draft Addendum
DADC Digital Audio Disc Corporation
DAEMON Disk And Execution Monitor
DAF Directory Authentication Framework
DAG Defense Agencies Group
DAIS Distributed Automatic Intercept System
DAK Data Acknowledge / Dead At Keyboard
DAL Data Access Language / Data Access Line
DALNET DA Lamers Net
DAM Data Access Manager
DAMA Data Assigned Multiple Access / Demand Assigned Multiple Access
DAMIFINO Damn if I know
DAMP Demand Analysis Manufacturing Planning
DAN Departmental Area Network
DAO Data Access Object / Directory Assistance Operator
DAP Data Access Protocol / Directory Access Protocol / Document Application Profile
DARC Division Alarm Recording Center
DARFC Ducking And Running For Cover
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DART Data Access and Retrieval Technologies (group)
DARTNET Defense Advanced Research Testbed Network (usually as DARTnet)
DARU DAIS Audio Response Unit / Distributed Automatic Response Unit
DAS Device Access Software / Directory Assistance System / Disk Array Subsystem / Distributor And Scanner / Dual Attachment Station / Dynamically Assigned Sockets
DASD Direct Access Sotrage Device
DASH Dell Advanced SCSI Host
DASP Digital Assisted Services Program
DASS Design Automation Standards Subcommittee
DAS-WAT Distributor And Scanner - Watch Dog Timer
DASWDT Distributor And Scanner Watch Dog Timer
DAT Digital Audio Tape / Digital Audio Tap / Duplicate Address Test
DATAEASE Doesn't always terminate after exiting and slows everything / Don't attempt to aquire everything always shows errors
DATTA District Attorneys' Technology Theft Association
DATU Direct Access Testing Unit
DAV Data Above Voice
DAVE Do Anything Very Easily
DAVID Digital Audio-Video Interactive Decoder
DAX Developer API eXtensions
DB Database / Decibel (usually as dB)
DBA Adjusted Decibel / Data Base Administrator / Digital Business Architecture / Doing Business As
DBAC Data Base Administration Center
DBAS Data Base Administration System
DBC Data Base Creator / Digital Business Center
DBCS Double - Byte Character Set
DBF Dynamic Beam Forming
DBIT Delivery (confirmation) Bit
DBL DOS Batch Language
DBM DataBase Manager / Decibels per Milliwatt (dBm)
DBMS Data Base Management System
DBN Doing Business Not
DBOD Distribution Board of Directors
DBR DOS Boot Record
DBS DataBase Service / Demand Broadcast System / Direct Broadcast Satellite / Duplex Bus Selector
DBTG DataBase Task Group
DBX Digital Branch Exchange
DC (modem) Data Compression / Data Cartridge / Direct Current / Disconnect Confirm
DCA Defense Communications Agency / Digital Communications Associates Inc. / Document Content Architecture
DCAA Dual Call Auto Answer
DCAM Distributed Computing Application Management
DCASR Defense Contract Administration Services Region
DCB Data Control Block / Directory Cache Buffer
DCC Direct Client to Client / Data Collection Computer / Data Communications Channel / Data Country Code / Digital Compact Cassette / Digital Customer Center / Direct Cable Connection
DCD Data Carrier Detect (signal)
DCE Data Circuit Terminal Equipment / Data Circuit-terminating Equipment / Data Communications Equipment / Distributed Computing Environment
DCEC Defense Communications Engineering Center
DCE-RPC Distributed Computing Environment Remote Procedure Call
DCF Data Communications Function
DCH D Channel Handler
DCI Display Control Interface
DCIU Data Communications Interface Unit
DCL Data Control Language / Digital Command Language
DCLU Digital Carrier Line Unit
DCM Digital Carrier Module
DCMS Distributed Call Measurement System
DCMU Digital Concentrator Measurement Unit
DCN Data Communications Network / Declaration Control Number
DCO-CS Digital Central Office-Carrier Switch
DCOM Distributed Component Object Model
DCP Demand for Critical Parts / Device Color Profile / Digital Communications Protocol / Duplex Central Processor
DCPR Detailed Contuing Property Record (PICS/DCPR)
DCPSK Differential Coherent Phase Shift Keying
DCR Direct Current Resistance
DCS Data Circuit Switches / Defined Context Set / Desktop Color Separation / Desktop Color System / Digital Communication System / Digital Cross-connect System / Distributed Computing System
DCSS Digital Customized Support Services / Discontiguous Shared Segments
DCT Digital Carrier Trunk
DCTN Defense Commercial Telecommunications Network
DCTS Dimension Custom Telephone Service
DCU Digital Credit Union
DD Data Definition / Definition Description (HTML) / Depacketization Delay / Double Density
DDA Disk Drive Adaptor / Domain Defined Attribute
DDAP Digital Distribution of Advertising for Publications
DDB Distributed DataBase
DDBMS Distributed DataBase Management System
DDC Direct Department Calling / Direct Distance Calling
DDCF Distributed Document Component Facility
DDCMP Digital Data Communications Messaging Protocol
DDD Digital Diagnostic Diskette / Direct Distance Dialing
DDE Dynamic Data Exchange
DDEML Dynamic Data Exchange Management Library
DDF Data Description File
DDFA DTC Device File Access (Utilities)
DDFII Data Description File for Information Interchange
DDGL Device Dependent Graphics Layer
DDH Digital Distributed Hardware
DDI Direct Dialing In
DDial Diversi-Dial
DDIF Digital Document Interchange Format
DDK Device Driver Kit
DDL Data Definition Language / Data Description Language / Database Definition Language / Database Description Language / Dynamic Data Link
DDM Distributed Data Management
DDN Defense Data Network / Defense Department Network
DDN-NIC Defense Data Network Network Information Center
DDOV Digital Data Over Voice
DDP Datagram Delivery Protocol / Direct Distribution Panel / Distributed Data Processing
DDR Data descriptive Record
DDS Dataphone Digital Service / Digital Dataphone Service / Digital Data Service / Digital Data System / Digital Data Storage / Digital Distributed Software / Document Distribution Service
DDT Don't Do That / DEC Debugging Tape / Dynamic Debugging Tool
DDVT Dynamic Data Visualization (development) Tool
DDX Distributed Data eXchange
DE Discard Eligibility/Eligible
DEA Data Encryption Algorithm / Drug Enforcement Agency
DEB Directory Entry Block
DEBI DMA Extended Bus Interface
DEBIES DDAP Electronic Business Information Exchange Specification
DEC Do Expect Cuts / Digital Equipment Corporation
DECDNS Digital Equipment Corporation Distributed Name Service (usually as DECdns)
DECDTM Digital Distributed Transaction Manager
DECMCC Digital Equipment Corporation Management Control Center (usually as DECmcc)
DECNET Digital Equipment Corporation Network architecture (usually as DECnet)
DECNMS Digital Network Measurement System
DECT Digital European Cordless Telephone
DECTP Digital Transaction Processing
DECUS Digital Equipment Corporation User's Society
DEF Direct Equipment Failure
DEK Data Encryption Key
DEL Delete (DOS)
DEMPR Digital Equipment Corporation MultiPort Repeater
DEN Digital Echo News
DENI Department of Education for Northern Ireland
DEPBA Digital Exchange Pirate Board Alliance
DER Distinguished Encoding Rules
DERP Defective Equipment Replacement Program
DES Data Encryption Standard / Defense Encryption Standard / Destination End System / Digital Encryption Standard / Distributed End System
DES-CBC Data Encryption Standard - Cipher Block Chaining
DESIRE Directory of European Information Security Standard Requirements
DET Directory Entry Table
DETLA Double Extended Three Letter Abbreviation
DEU Dead - End User
DEW Distant Early Warning (line)
dewd dude
DF Direction Flag / Distributing Frame
DFA Design For Assembly
DFD Data Flow Diagram
DFDSS Data Facility DataSet Services
DFEP Diagnostic Front End Processor
DFG Data Flow Graph
DFHSM Data Facility Hierarchical Storage Manager
DFI Digital Facility Interface
DFL Distributed Feedback Layer
DFLA Damn Four Letter Acronym
DFM Design For Manufacturing
DFMS Digital Facility Management System
DFN Deutsches Forschungsnetz
DFP Digital Free Press / District Focus Person
DFR Document Filing and Retrieval
DFS Distributed File Service / Distributed File System
DFSK Differential Frequency Shift Keying
DFSMS Data Facility Sotrage Management Subsystem
DFT Design for Test(ing) / Distributed Function Terminal
DFWMAC Distributed Foundation Wireless Medium Access Control
DGITA Digital Graphic Imaging Technical Association (previously SGAUA)
DGPS Differential Global Positioning System
DG-UX Data General UniX
DH Dear Husband (also Dear Hubby Duh Hubby and of course Dick Head)
DHA Destination Hardware Address
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DHHS Department of Health and Human Services
DHT Directory Hash Table
DHTML Dynamic HyperText Markup Language
DI Delete Inhibit / Destination Index
DIA Defense Intelligence Agency / Document Interchange Architecture
DIAC Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing
DIAFYO Did I Ask For Your Opinion
DIAG Datasets Inter Agency Group
DIAL Digital Idle Asset Listing
DIB Device Independent Bitmap (graphic format) / Directory Information Base
DIBI Device Independent Backup Interface
DIBOL DIgital Business Oriented Language
DIC Digital Interface Controller
DICE Digital Interactive Consumer Electronic (machines)
DID Destination ID / Direct Inward Dialing
DIDC Data Input and Distribution Card
DIF Data Interchange Format / Digital Interface Frame / Documentation Interchange Format
DIFMOS Double Injection Floating-gate Metal Oxide Semiconductor
DIGEST Digital Electronic Signature Test (usually as DigEST)
DIGI Deutsche Interessengemeinschaft Internet (German Special Interest Group for Internet)
DIGL Device Independent Graphics Layer
DIIG Digital Information Infrastructure Guide
DIIK Damned If I Know
DILLIGAD Do I look like I give a darn?!
DILLIGAF Do I look like I give a f*#k?!
DILLIGAF? Do I look like I give a F#%k?
DILLIGAFF Do I look Like I give a Flying Figment?
DIM Data In the Middle / Demand Integration Meeting / Desktop Information Manager
DIMA Data Information Management Architecture
DIMM Dual In-line Memory Module
DIN Deutsche Industrie Norm / Deutsche Ingineering Normilization / Deutsches Institut fur
DINS Digital Information Network Service
DIP Dual In-Line Package
DIPE Distributed Interactive Processing Environment
DIR Directory (DOS)
DIS Defense Investigative Service / Digital Information Systems / Draft International Standard / Dynamic Impedence Stabalization
DISA Data Interchange Standards Association / Defense Information Systems Agency / Direct Inward Switch Access / Direct Inward System Access
DISER Digital Information Systems External Resources
DISERF Data Interchange Standards Education and Research Foundation
DISN Defense Information Systems Network
DISOSS DIStributed Office Support System
DISP Directory Information Shadow Protocol
DIT Directory Information Tree
DITUIHIBMSL Did I Tell You I Hate IBMs Lately
DITUILIBMSL Did I Tell You I Love IBMs Lately
DIU Digital Interface Unit
DIW D-Inside Wire
DIX DEC - Intel - Xerox (connector)
DIZ Description In Zip
DJNR Dow Jones News Retrieval (online service)
DL Download / Data Link / Definition List / Den Leader / Direct Labor / Distribution List
DLAMLT Don't look at me like that!
DLC Data Link Control / Distributed Loop Carrier / Digital Loop Carrier
DLCF Data Link Control Field
DLCI Data Link Connection Identifier/Identification
DLCU Digital Line Carrier Unit
DLE Data-Link Escape (ASCII)
DLL Data Link Layer / Dial Long Lines / Dynamic Link Library
DLM Data Line Monitor / Distributed Lock Manager
DLN Digital Library Network
DLO Data Line Occupied
DLOC Dark Lords Of Chaos
DLP Digital Light Processing
DLPI Data Link Provider Interface
DLS Data Link Services / Dial Line Service / Digital Link Service / Document Library Services
DLSAP Data Link-layer Service Access Point
DLSDU Data Link-layer Service Data Unit
DLSW Data Link SWitching (usually as DLSw)
DLT Digital Linear Tape
DLTBBB Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite
DLTU Digital Line - Trunk Unit
DLU-PG Digital Line Unit - Pair Gain
DLUPG Digital Line Unit Pair Gain
DLVA Detector Logarithmic Video Amplifier
DM Dead Memory / Delta Modulation / Dimension Modeling / Disconnected Mode / Distributed Management
DMA Direct Memory Access (channel)
DMCL Digital Modem Command Language
DMCR Debug Mode Control Register
DMD Directory Management Domain
DMDD Distributed Multiplexing Distributed Demultiplexing
DME Digital Management Education / Distributed Management Environment
DMF Distributed Management Framework / Distribution Media Floppy / Distribution Media Format
DMI Definition of Management Information / Desktop Management Interface / Digital Multiplexed Interface
DML (SQL) Database Manipulation Language / Data Manipulation Logic
DMM Digital Multi-Meter / District Manufacturing Manager
DMO (SQL) Distributed Management Objects / Domain Management Organization
DMOS Diffusion Metal Oxide Semiconductor / Double-diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor
DMPDU Derived Medium access control Protocol Data Unit
DMS Data Management System/Services / Defense Messaging System / Digital Multiplex(ed) Switch/System / Diskless Management Service
DMSS Distribution
DMT Design Maturity Test / Discrete MultiTone
DMTF Desktop Management Task Force
DMU Data Manipulation Unit
DN Directory Number / Distinguished Name / Distribution Network / Domain Name / Down
DNA DEC Network Architecture / Defense Nuclear Agency / Digital Named Accounts / Digital Network Architecture / Digital News Associates / Digital Noise Alliance / Distributed Network Architecture / Deoxyribonucleic acid
DNC Dynamic Network Controller
DND Do Not Disturb
DNDO Do Not Disturb Override
DNDS Distributed Network Design System
DNHR Dynamic Non-Hierarchical Routing
DNIC Data Network Identification Code
DNIS Dialed Number Identification Service
DNP Distributed Network Processing
DNPM Darn (Damn) Near Pis*ed Myself
DNR Data Network Routing / Dialed Number Recorder / Digital Number Recorder
DNS Domain Name Service / Domain Naming System / Domain Name System / Domain Name Server
DNX Dynamic Network Cross-Connect (X-connect)
DO Distributed Object
DOA Dead On Arrival / Distributors Of Anarchy
DOAM Distributed Office Applications Model
DOC Department of Communications (in Canada) / Document DOC Department of Communications (in Canada) / Document
DOCS Display Operator Console System
DOD Department of Defense / Direct Outward Dialing
DOE (U.S.) Department Of Energy / Department of Energy
DOI Distributed Object Infrastructure
DOJ Department of Justice
DOM Data On Master (group) / District Operations Manager
DOMF Distributed Object Management Facility
DOMS Distributed Object Management System
DOMSAT Domestic Satellite (service)
DON Department Of the Navy
DONACS Department Of the Navy Automation and Communication System
DOP Directory Operational Protocol
DORK Domestic Organization for Real K????
DOS Defective Operating System / Disc Operating System / Denial of Service
DOSBS Data Over Speech Bearer Service
DOT (U.S.) Department Of Transportation
DOTS Digital Office Timing Supply
DOV Data Over Voice
DOW Direct Over-Write (technology)
DP Data Processing / Demarcation Point / Dial Pulse / Draft Proposal / Dial Pulse
DPA Demand Protocol Architecture / Distributed Power Architecture / Document Printing Application
DPAC Dedicated Plant Assignment Center
DPAM Demand Priority Access Method
DPANS Draft Proposed American National Standard (usually as dpANS)
DPB Drive Parameter Block
DPC Data Processing Center / Deferred Procedure Call / Destination Point Code / Direct Program Control
DPCM Differential Pulse Code Modulation
DPE Data Path Extender
DPG Dedicated Packet Group
DPI Dot Pitch Integer / Dots Per Inch
DPL Dedicated Private Line
DPLL Digital Phase Locked Loop
DPM Data Processing Manager
DPMA Data Processing Management Association
DPMI DOS Protected Mode Interface
DPMS Display Power Management Signaling / DOS Protected Mode Services
DPNPH Data Packet Network - Packet Handler
DPN-PH Data Packet Network - Packet Handler
DPO Dial Pulse Originating
DPP Discounted Payback Period / District Partner Program
DPSC Defense Personnel Support Center
DPSK Differential Phased Shift Keying
DPSS (Los Angeles County) Department of Public Social Services
DPSWG Digital Privacy and Security Working Group
DPT Dial Pulse Terminating / Distributed Processing Technology
DQDB Distributed Queue Dial Bus
DQL DataEase Query Language
DQT Design Quality Test
DR Data Ready / Data Receive / Delivery Report / Digital Research / Disconnect Request
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory
DRC Data Resource Center
DRDA Distributed Relational Database Architecture / Access
DR-DOS Digital Research Disk Operating System
DREF Distribution Research and Education Foundation
DRMU Digital Remote Measurement Unit
DRN Data Routing Network
DROOL Dave's Recycled Object - Oriented Language
DRP DECnet Routing Protocol / Directory Replication Protocol / Distribution Resource Planning
DRPF Decimal Reference Publication Format
DRS Data Rate Selector
DRT Digital Real Time
DS Data Segment / Data System / Digital (carrier) Span / Digital Service / Directory Service / Direct Signal / Digital Signal (level 0 - 3) / Digital Stream (1
DS/DD Double Sided / Double Density
DS/HD Double Sided / High Density
DS0 Digital Signal (level) Zero
DSA Decimal Shift and Add (algorithm) / Dedicated Switched Access / Destination Software Address / Digital Storage Architecture / Decimal Shift and Add (algorithm) / Directory Service Agent / Directory System Agent / Directory Service Area / Directory System A
DSAD Digital Storage Architecture for Disk
DSAP Data link Service Access Point / Destination Service Access Point
DSAT Digital Storage Architecture for Tape
DSB Double SideBand
DSBAM Double-SideBand Amplitude Module
DSBFC Double SideBand Full Carrier
DSBSC Double SideBand Suppressed Carrier
DSC Data Stream Compatibility / Direct Satellite Communications / Document Structuring Conventions
DSD Data Structure Definistion / Distributed Self Discovery
DSDC Direct Service Dial Capability
DSDF Digital Standard Disk Format
DSDS Dataphone Switched Digital Service
DSE Data Switching Equipment / Distributed Single-layer Embedded / Distributed System Environment / DSA Specific Entry
DSI Data Subscriber Interface / Digital Speech Interpolation
DSID Destination Signaling IDentifier
DSIN Digital Software INformation
DSL Digital Subscriber Line
DS'L Doctor Stein's Laboratories
DSLA Digital Software Licensing Architecture
DSLAM Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
DSLO Distributed System License Option
DSM Diagnostic System Manager / Digital Standard MUMPS / Distributed Switching Matrix / Distributed Systems Manufacturing / District Sales Manager
DSMA Digital Sense Multiple Access
DSMC Digital Service Monthly Charge
DSN Data Source Name / Defense Switched Network / Digital Services Network / Digital Signal (Level) N
DSO Days Sales Outstanding / Digital Storage Oscilloscope
DSOM Distributed System Object Model
DSP Defense Standardized Profit / Digital Signal Processor / Directory System Protocol / Domain Specific Part
DSPU DownStream Physical Unit
DSR Data Send/Set Ready / Date Set Ready / Dynamic Service Register
DSRI Digital Standard Relational Interface
DSS Data Station Selector / Decision Support System / Digital Satellite System / Digital Signal Standard / Digital Signature Standard / Digital Subscriber Service / Digital Subscriber Signaling / Direct Station Selection / Distributed Security Service
DSS/BLF Direct Station Selection / Busy Lamp Field
DSS1 Digital Subscriber Signaling (system No.) 1
DSSI Digital Small Storage Interconnect / Digital Storage Systems Interconnect
DSSSL Document Style Semantics and Specification Language
DSTAR Digital System Technical Architecture Research
DSTP Data Source Transfer Protocol
DSU Data Service Unit / Digital Service Unit
DSUWG Data Systems Users Working Group
DSVD Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data
DSV-IS Design Specification and Verification of Interactive Systems
DSVIS Design Specification and Verification of Interactive Systems
DSX Digital Signal Cross-Connect (X-Connect) DSX Digital Signal Cross-Connect (X-Connect)
DT Data Transfer / Data Transmit / Definition Term / Detection Threshold / Dial Tone / Di-group Terminal
DT&E Development Test and Evaluation
DTA Disk Transfer Area
DTAM Document Transfer Access and Manipulation
DTAS Digital Test Access System
DTC Data Technology Corporation / Datacommunications and Terminal Controller / Digital Trunk Controller / Di-group Terminal Controller / Distributed Transaction Coordinator
DTD Document Type Definition
DTDS Disaster Tolerant Disk Systems
DTE Data Terminal Equipment
DTF Dial Tone First
DTFS Direct Tape File System
DTG Direct Trunk Group
DTI Dark Towers International / Department of Trade and Industry / Digital Trunk Interface
DTIF Digital Tabular Interchange Format / Digital Transmission Interface Frame
DTMF Dual Tone Modulation Frequency / Dual-Tone-Multi-Frequency
DTN Digital Telephone Network
DTP DeskTop Publishing / Distributed Transaction Processing
DTR Data Terminal Ready (signal) / Dedicated Token Ring / Draft Technical Report
DTRT Do The Right Thing
DTS Data Transfer System / Deposit Tracking System / Digital Termination Service/System / Digital Transcoding Switch / Digital Transmission System / Distributed Terminal Subsystem / Distributed Time Service
DTST Dial Tone Speed Test
DTSX Data Transport Station for X.25
DTU Di-group Terminal Unit
DTV Desktop Video
DU Data Unit
DUA Dallas Underground Association / Directory User Agent
DUART Dual Universal Asychronous Receiver Transmitter
DUCWIC Do You See What I See?
DUCWIM Do You See What I Mean?
DUHWIH Do You Hear What I Hear?
DUN Dial-Up Networking
DUSR Digital Authorized Used Systems Resellers
DUV Data Under Voice
DUX Digital Voice eXchange
DV Digital Video
DVB Digital Video Broadcasting
DVC Digital Video Cassette / Digital Video Conference
DVD Digital Versatile Disk / Digital Video Disk
DVDROM Digital Versatile Disk Read Only Memory
DVD-ROM Digital Versatile Disk Read Only Memory
DVE Digital Video Effects
DVI Digital Video Interactive/Interleaved
DVM Data Voice Multiplexor
DVMRP Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol
DVN Digital Video Network
DVT Design Verification Test
DVX Digital Voice Exchange
DW Data Warehousing
DWCI DecWindows Compiler Interface
DWI Doc Writers Incorporated
DWIM Do What I Mean
DWIMC Do What I Mean Correctly
DWISNWID Do What I Say Not What I Do
DXC Digital Cross-Connect
DXF Data eXchange Format (graphic format)
DXI Data eXchange Interface
DYJHIW Don't you just hate it when...
DYLAN DYnamic LANguage

Searh Abbreviation
Do you know that?
  • #( - Lips are sealed
  • :* - Kiss
  • :O - Yell
  • 12x---<---@ - A Dozen Roses
  • :-))) - Laughing or Double Chin
  • 8(:-) - Walt Disney [] Hugs
  • 2nite - tonight
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Asymmetrical Multi-Processing


Power Spectral Density


Data Encryption Standard - Cipher Block Chaining


Integrated Packet Network / International Printers Network / Internet Protocol Number


Via Net Loss Plan


Very wicked grin


Border Intermediate System (ATM Forum)


Virtual Machine Conversation Monitor System


Line Card Cable


United Kingdom Registration Authority


Quarterdeck Extended Memory Manager


Binary 8-Zero Substitution / Bipolar with 8 Zero Substitution


Common Programming Interface for Communications


Receive (Transmission or Data) / Remote Exchange


Data Available / Desk Accessory / Destination Address / Digital Audio / Directory Assistance


Electronic Filing Identification Number


Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter


Information Technology Services Marketing Association


Information Systems Standards Board


Business Process Re-engineering

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