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symbols A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
B Byte / Bearer channel (ISDN)
B-) Smiling with glasses or sunglasses or wearing cool shades / Horn Rimmed Glasses
B/C Because / because
B/L Backlog
B:-) Sunglasses on Head
B4 Before
B4N Bye for Now
B6ZS Bipolar with 6 Zero Substitution
B8ZS Binary 8-Zero Substitution / Bipolar with 8 Zero Substitution
B911 Basic 911
BA British Academy
BAA Broad Agency Announcement
BAC Basic Access Control
BACP Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol
BAD Broken As Designed
BAGS Bristol's Anti-Gay Society
BAI Bank Administration Institute
BAIK Boy Am I Confused
BAK Back at keyboard
BALUN BALanced / UNbalanced
BAMAF Bellcore Automatic Message Accounting Format
BAMF Bad Assed Mother F-
BANCS Bell Administrative Network Communications System / Bell Application Network Control System
BANM Bell Atlantic Nynex Mobil
BAPCO Bellsouth Advertising & Publishing Company
BAPI Bridge Application Program Interface
BARRNET Bay Area Research Network
BAS Big A$$ Smile / Basic Activity Subset
BASC Bad Austrian Swapping Crew
BASIC Bill's Attempt To Seize Industry Control. / Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BAUD Bits At Unit Density (rate: How fast a modem talks)
BB be back / beavis & butthead / Bad Brains
BB&N Bolt
BBA Budget By Account
BBC British Broadcasting Corp. / Broadband Bearer Capability
BBFN Bye Bye For Now
BBH Bouncing Busy Hour
BBIAB Be back in a bit
BBIAF Be back in a few
BBIAS Be back in a second
BBIAW Be back in a while
BBL Be back later
BBN Bye Bye Now
BBR Burnt Beyond Repair
BBS Be Back Soon / Bulletin Board System / Bulletin Board Service
BBSRC Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (formerly AFRC)
BBU Battery Back-Up
BC Blind Copy / Block Check
BCC Blind Carbon Copy / Blind Courtesy Copy / Block Check Character / Blocked Call Cleared / Boys from Company C
BCD Binary Coded Decimal / Blocked Call(s) Delayed
BCDIC Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
BCDMA Broadband Code Division Multiple Access
B-CDMA Broadband Code Division Multiple Access
BCG Business Center Group
BCH Blocked Calls Held
BCN Beacon
BCNF Boyce - Codd Normal Form
BCNU Be seein' you
BCOB Broadband Class Of Bearer
BCP Business Communications Project / Byte-Control Protocols
BCPL Basic Combined Programming Language / Basic Computer Programming Language
BCR Blocked Calls Released / Business Communications Review
BCS BarCode Sorter / Basic Combined Subset / Batch Change Supplement / Boston Computer Society / British Computer Society / Business Communications Systems
BCW Burst Code - Word
BD Back door
BDC Backup Domain Controller
BDCS Broadband Digital Cross-connect System
BDE Block Diagram Editor / Borland Database Engine
BDK Beans Development Kit
BDLC Burroughs Data Link Control
BDN Bell Data Network
BDR Backup Designated Router
BDS Black Dragon Society / Building Distribution System
BDT Berkeley Design Technology / Billing Data Transmitter
BEC Backward Error Correction
BECN Backward Explicit Congestion Notation/Notification
BEDO Burst Extended - Data Out (RAM)
BEF Band Elimination Filter
BEG Big Evil Grin
BEITA Business Equipment and Information Technology Association
BELLCORE BELL COmmunications REsearch
BER Basic Encoding Rules / Bit Error Rate
BERKOM BERlin KOMmunikation
BERT Bit Error Rate Test / Bit Error Rate Tester
BET Black Entertainment Television
BETEL Broadband Exchange over Trans-European Links
BETRS Basic Exchange Telecommunications Radio Service
BEZS Bandwidth Efficent Zero Support/Suppression
BF Boy Friend / Bridge Function
BFD Big F'kin' Deal
BFF Binary File Format
BFM Bus Functional Model
BFN Bye for now
BFO Blinding Flash of the Obvious
BFT Binary File Transfer
BG/EEE Below Ground Electronic Equipment Enclosures
BGA Ball Grid Array
BGEEE Below Ground Electronic Equipment Enclosures
BGI Borland Graphics Interface
BGP Border Gateway Protocol
BGT Broadcast and Group Translators
BHAW Banging Head Against Wall
BHC Busy Hour Calls
BHCA Busy Hour Call Attempts
BHLI Broadband High Layer Information
BHS Black Hand Society
BI Backplane Interconnect / Beginning Inventory
BIA Burned - In Address
BIAS Berkeley Integrated Audio Software / Burroughs Integrated Adaptive System
BIB Bus Interface Board
BIBO Beer In Beer Out
B-ICI Broadband - ISDN Inter-Carrier Interface / Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface
BICI Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface
B-ICISAAL Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface Signaling ATM Adaptation Layer
BICISAAL Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface Signaling ATM Adaptation Layer
BICMOS Bipolar Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
BICSI Building Industry Consulting Service International (usually as BiCSi)
BIDS Bath Information and Data Services
BIF Basis in fact / Benchmark Interface Format
BIL Band Interleaved by Line
BIM Basic Industry Marketing
BIMOS Bipolar Metal Oxide Semiconductor
BIND Berkeley Internet Name Domain
BIOS Basic Input / Output System
BIOYA Blow It Out Your A**
BIOYIOP Blow It Out Your I/O Port
BIP Band Interleaved by Pixel / Bit Interleave Parity
BIPS Billions of Instructions Per Second
BIPV Bit Interleaved Parity Violation
BIRON Bibliographic Information Retrieval Online
BIS Border Intermediate System (ATM Forum)
B-ISDN Broadband - Integrated Services Digital Network
BISDN Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network
BISP Business Information System Program
BISSI Broadband Inter Switching System Interface
BIST Built In Self Test
B-ISUP Broadband ISDN User's Part
BISYNC Binary Synchronous Communication / Binary Synchronous Control / Bisynchronous Communic
BIT Basic Information Unit / Binary DigIT (sometimes as bit) / Built In Test
BITBLT BIT BLock Transfer / Bit-boundry BLock Transfer
BIT-BLT Bit-boundry BLock Transfer
BITE Built In Test Equipment
BITNET Because It's Time NETwork
BITNIC BITNET Network Information Center
BIU Basic Information Unit / Bus Interface Unit
BIX BYTE Information eXchange
BJS Bureau of Justice Statistics
BKERT BlocK Error Rate Tester
BL Blue Lightning / British Library
BLAH Big Long and Hairy
BLAST Blocked Asynchronous / Synchronous Transmission
BLCMP Birmingham Libraries Co-operative Mechanisation Project
BLED Blue Light Emitting Diode
BLER BLock Error Rate
BLERT BLock Error Rate Test / BLock Error Rate Tester
BLF Busy Lamp Field / Busy Line Field
BLLI Broadband Low Layer Information
B-LLI Broadband Low Layer Information
BLNT Broadband Local Network Technology
BLOB Binary Large OBject
BLOP Basic Local OPeration
B-LOP Basic Local OPeration
BLRDD British Library Research and Development Department
BLS Business Listing Service
BLU Basic Link Unit
BLV Busy Line Verification
BMA Broadcast Multiple Access
BMC Basic Monthly Charge / Bulk Mail Center
BMEWS Ballistic Missile Early Warning System
BMIDE Bus Managed Integrated Drive Electronics
BMOS Bytex Matrix Operating System
BMP Batch Message Processing (program) / BER Management Protocol / Bitmap (usually as .BMP)
BMS Banyan Mail Services / Basic Mapping Support
BMU Basic Measurement Unit
BN Bridge Number
BNA Burroughs Network Architecture
BNC Baynet N-type Compact / Bayonet Navy Connector / Bayonet Nut Connector / Bayonet - Neill - Concelnan / Britsh National Connector
BNF Big Name Fan / Backus-Naur Form
BNI Batteries Not Included
BNL Brookhaven National Laboratory
BNR Bell National Research
BNS Billed Number Screening
BNT B-ISDN Network Termination
B-NT Broadband Network Termination
B-NT1 B-ISDN Network Termination 1
B-NT2 B-ISDN Network Termination 2
BO Buffer (Brain) Overload
BOA Basic Object Adapter / Bill of Aggregation / Blanket Order Agreement
BOC But Of Course / Bell Operating Company
BOCOEX Boston Computer Exchange (usually as BoCoEx)
BOD Board Of Directors
BOF Birds of a Feather (Special Interest Group) / Beginning Of File
BOFH B**tard Operator From Hell
BOI Basic Operators Interface
BOIS Business Office Information Systems
BOKYAG Bend Over and Kiss Your A** Goodbye
BOM Beginning Of Message / Bill of Materials
BONDING Bandwidth On Demand InterNetworking Group / Bandwidth ON Demand INteroperability Group
BONES Block Oriented Network Simulator (usually as BONeS)
BOO Bill of Organization
BOOTP BOOT Protocol / Bootstrap Protocol
BOP Bit-Oriented Protocol
BOPS Billion Operations Per Second
BOQ Bill of Quantities
BOR Basic Output Report
BORSCHT Battery Overvoltage Ringing Supervision Coding Hybrid Test
BOS Big Orange Switch (Panic Button) / Business and Office Systems / Business Office Supervisor
BOSE Business and Office Systems Engineering
BOSS Billing and Order Support System
BOT Back on Topic / Beginning Of Tape / roBOT
BOTE Brothers of the Eye
BOW Brotherhood Of Warez (usually as BoW)
BPA Business Publications Audit
BPB BIOS Parameter Block
BPDU Bridge Protocol Data Unit
BPF Berkeley Packet Filter
BPFM Business Process Flow Management (system)
BPI Bits Per Inch
BPL Bits Per Line
BPM Books Per Minute / Business Planning Manager / Base Product Marketing
BPN Comstar Business Plan
BPNRZ BiPolar Non-Return-To-Zero
BPOC Bell Point Of Contact
BPP Bits Per Pixel / Bridge Port Pair
BPR Business Process Re-engineering
BPRZ BiPolar Return-To-Zero
BPS Bits Per Second (usually as bps) / Bytes Per Second (usually as Bps)
BPSK Binary Phase Shift Keying
BPSS Basic Packet Switching Service / Bell Packet Switching System
BPV BiPolar Violation
BQS Berkeley Quality Software
BRA Basic Rate Access
BRAT Business Residence Account Tracking system
BRATS Business Residence Account Tracking System
BRB Be Right Back
BRCS Business Residence Custom Service
BRF Benchmark Report Format
BRI Basic Rate Interface (ISDN)
BRIE Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy
BRM Basic Remote Module / Business Reply Mail
BRMAS Business Reply Mail Accounting System
BRMTP Batch Simple Message Transfer Protocol
BRP Blade Runner Productions
BRS Big Red Switch (Panic Button) / Bibliographic Research Service
BS BackSpace (ASCII) / Banded Signaling / Bullsh*t
BSA Basic Service Arrangement / Business Software Alliance/Association
BSBH Busy Season Busy Hour
BSC Binary Synchronous Communication/Control / Bi-Synchronous Communication / Business Service Center
BSCM BiSynchronous Communications Module
BSD Berkeley Software Distribution / Berkeley System Distribution
BSE Basic Service Elements
BSEG Big Sh*t Eating A Grin
BSF But Seriously Folks / Bell Shock Force
BSI British Standards Institute
BSN Broadband Service Node
BSOC Bell Systems Operating Company
BSOD Blue Screen Of Death
BSP Bell Systems Practice / Bulk Synchronous Parallelism
BSQ Band SeQuential
BSR Board of Standards Review
BSRAM Burst Static Random Access Memory
BSRF Basic System Reference Frequency
BSRFS Bell System Reference Frequency Standard
BSS Basic Synchronized Subset
BST But Seriously though / Basic Services Terminal
BSTJ Bell System Technical Journal
BSVC Broadcast Switched Virtual Connections
BSW Buried Service Wire
BT British Telecom / Burst Tolerance / Bus Terminator
B-TA B-ISDN Terminal Adapter
BTA But Then Again (in response to IOW) / B-ISDN Terminal Adapter
BTAIM be that as it may
BTAM Basic Telecommunications Access Method/Message
BTB Branch Target Buffer
BTDT Been There Done That
BTDTGTS Been There Done That Got the T-Shirt
BTE B-ISDN Terminal Equipment
B-TE B-ISDN Terminal Equipment ( 1 or 2 )
BTFM Beats the Funk out of Me
BTFT Been There Fixed That
BTHOM Beats the hell outta me!
BTL Bell Telephone Laboratories
BTM Benchmark Timing Methodology
BTN Billing Telephone Number
BTP Batch Transfer Program
BTR Bit Transfer Rate
BTS Base Transciever Station
BTSOM Beats the sh*t out of me
BTSOOM beats the stuffing out of me - or - Beats The Sh!t Out Of Me
BTU Basic Transmission Unit / British Thermal Unit
BTW By The Way
BTWBO Be there with bells on.
BUBL Bulletin Board for Libraries
BUC Bus Unit Controller
BUGS Bloody User Generated Symptoms
BUS Broadcast and Unknown Server
BVA Billing Validation Application
BVAPP Billing Verification and Authorization for Payment Process
BVC Billing Validation Center
BW BandWidth
BWL Bursting With Laughter
BWM Broadcast Warning Message
BWQ Buzz Word Quotient
BWT Broadcast Warning TWX
BWTS BandWidth Test Set
BYA Bye [of course]
BZT Bundesamt fur Zulassungen in der Telekommunikation

Searh Abbreviation
Do you know that?
  • [:-I] - Robot
  • 8^{~< - Hair Line Glasses Moustache and Goatee
  • %+| - Beaten Up
  • ||*) - Handshake accepted
  • :-x - kiss / No comment or User's lips are sealed / Kiss/ Mum's the word censored not talking shouldn't have said that / Mute
  • :-* - Kiss / Puckering for a kiss / Sorry I didn't want to say that
  • 3GL - Third Generation Language
most popular

Mechanized Loop Testing / Multiple Logical Terminals


Canadian Telephone Corporation / Central Test Center


The One and Only


Residence Account Service Center


YIG - Tuned Filter


Japanese Electronic Industry Development Association


Smart Uplink Module


Multi-Parity Test Method


Keeper of the List


Screen List Editing / Screening Line Editor


Customer Network Control Center


Radio Teletype


General Interoperable ORB Protocol


Division Alarm Recording Center


Have A Good Night


Joint Development Agreement


Customer Information Control System Performance Analysis Reporting System


Someone Else's Problem


Integrated Special Services Network


Microsoft Library / Mirrored-Server Link


Mechanized Loop Testing / Multiple Logical Terminals

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