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A Ampere
A&SG Accessories and Supplies Group
A/C Air Conditioning / Alternating Current
A/D Analog to Digital
AA (modem) Auto Answer / Alcoholics Anonymous / Application Association / Associate Advisor / Automatic Adjust
AAA Aces of ANSI Art / Travel club
AAAAA American Association Against Acronym Abuse / Travel club for alcoholics
AAD Analog Alignment Diskette
AAFES Army and Air Force Exchange Service
AAITP Amdahl Australian Intelligent Tools Program
AAK Asleep At Keyboard
AAL ATM Adaptation Layer (protocol 1 2 3 4 5)
AAMOF As a matter of fact
AAMVANET American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators N
AAR Automatic Alternate Routing
AARNET Australian Academic Research Network
AARP AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol
AAUI Apple Attachment Unit Interface
AAX Automated Attendant Exchange
AB ABort session
AB2 Anarchy Burger ][
ABA American Bankers Association / American Bar Association
ABATS Automated Bit Access Test System
ABBA Anti-Big Brother Association (usually as aBBa)
ABBS Apple Bulletin Board System
ABC Activity Based Costing / Atanasoff-Berry Computer
ABE Agent Building Environment
ABEC Aracda Backup Executive Agent
ABEX America Online Business Exchange
ABHC Average Busy Hour Calls
ABHPC Advisory Body on High Performance Computing
ABIOS Advanced Basic Input / Output System
ABM Asynchronous Balanced Mode
ABME Asynchronous Balanced Mode Extended
ABP Alternate BiPolar / Available Bit Rate
ABRC Advisory Board for the Research Councils
ABS Alternative Billing Service
ABSBH Average Busy Season Busy Hour
ABT ABort Timer / Answer Back Tone
ABU Application Business Unit
AC Alternating Current / Access Control / Acoustic Coupler / Air Conditioning / Alignment Check / Application Context / Association Control
ACA Automatic Circuit Assurance
ACARB Australian Computer Abuse Research Bureau
ACB Annoyance Call Bureau / Automatic Call-Back
ACBH Average Consistent Busy Hour
ACC Audio Communications Controller
ACCE Award for Call Center Excellence
ACCOLC Access Overload Class
ACCS Automated Calling Card Service
ACD Access Control Definition / Adaptive Call Distributor / Automatic Call Distributor
ACDA Automatic Call Disposition Analyzer
ACDF Access Control Decision Function
ACDI Asynchronous Communication Device Interface
ACE Advanced Computing Environment / Adverse Channel Enhancement / American Council on Education / Ansi Creation Enterprise / Automatic Calling Equipment
ACEF Access Control Enforcement Function
ACET Advisory Committee on Electronics and Telecommunicatio
ACF Advanced Communication Function
ACF/NCP Advanced Communications Function / Network Control Pro
ACF/TCAM Advanced Communications Function / TeleCommunications
ACF/VTAM Advanced Communications Function / Virtual Telecommuni
ACF/VTAME Advanced Communications Function / Virtual Telecommuni
ACH Attempt per Circuit per Hour
ACI Access Control Information
ACID ANSI Creators in Demand (usually ACiD) / Atomic/Consistent/Isolated/Durable (test)
AcidGurl A cute innocent desireable girl
ACK ACKnowledge (ASCII) / Acknowledgement
ACL Access Control List / Advanced CMOS Logic / Association for Computational Linguistics
ACM Address Complete Message / Association for Computing Machinery
ACMS Application Control Management System
ACN Advisory Committee on Networking / Area Code Number
ACOF Attendant Control Of Facilities
ACP Access Control Points / Action Point / Allied Communications Publication / Ancillary Control Program
ACPI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
ACPM Association Control Protocol Machine
ACR Abandon Call and Retry
ACRONYM Abbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning
ACS Access Control Store / Application Control Services / Asynchronous Communications Server / Australian Computer Society / Automatic Class Selection / Automatic Clearing Houses
ACSE Association Control Service Element
ACSL Association Control Service eLement
ACSNET Academic Computing Services Network / Australian Computer Science Network
ACSU Advanced (T-1) Channel Service Unit
ACT Application Center for Technology
ACTA America's Carriers Telecommunications Association
ACTAS Alliance of Computer-based Telephony Application Suppl
ACTGA Attendant Control of Trunk Group Access
ACTLU ACTivate Logical Unit
ACTPU ACTivate Physical Unit
ACTS Automated Coin Toll Service / Automatic Coin Telephone System
ACU Alarm Control Unit / Association of Commonwealth Universities / Automatic Call Unit
ACUTA Association of College and University Telecommunication
AD Activity Discard / Administrative Domain / Authorized Dealers
ADA Activity Discard Acknowledgment / Automatic Data Acquisition (programming language)
ADAPSO Association of Data Processing Service Organizations
ADAS Advanced Directory Assistance System
ADB Apple Desktop Bus / AppWare Distributed Bus architecture
ADC Advanced Data Connector / Analog Digital Converter / Analysis Date Concentrator / Automated Data Collection
ADCCP Advanced Data Communications Control Procedures
ADCI Automatic Display Call Indicator
ADCP Avesta Device Control Protocol
ADCU Association of Data Communications Users
ADD Authorized Digital Dealers
ADDMD Administrative Directory Management Domain
ADF Access control Decision Function / Automatic Document Feeder
ADG Authorized Distributor Group
ADI Access control Decision Information / Application DIrectory / Autodesk Device Interface
ADM Adaptive Delta Modulation / Add-Drop Multiplexer
ADMD Administration Management Domain
ADN Any day now / Abbreviated Dialing Number
ADO Active Data Objects / ActiveX Data Objects
ADP Active Distribution Panel / Automated Data Processing
ADPCM Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
ADS Advanced Digital System / Audio Distribution System / Auto Data Switch / Auxiliary Data System
ADSC Adobe Document Structuring Conventions
ADSI Active Directory Services Interface / Analog Display Services Interface
ADSL Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line / Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line
ADSP AppleTalk Data Stream Protocol
ADTS Automated Digital Terminal System
ADU Application Definition Utility / Automatic Duplexing Unit
ADVFS Advanced File System (usually as AdvFS)
AE Activity End / Application Entity / ASCii Express
AEA Activity Entity Acknowledgment / American Electronics Association / American Entrepreneurs Association
AEB Analog Expansion Bus
AEC Adaptive Echo Cancellation
AEF Access control Enforcement Function
AEGIS AIDS Education and General Information Service
AEI Automatic Equipment Identification
AEIMP Apple Event Interprocess Messaging Protocol
AEP AppleTalk Echo Protocol / Application Environment Profile
AET Application Entity Title
AF Address Field / Audio Frequency / Auxiliary (carry) Flag
AFACTS Automated FACilities Test System
AFADS Automatic Force Adjustment Data System
AFAIC As far as I'm concerned / As Far As I Can Tell
AFAIK As Far As I Know
AFAYC As Far As You're Concerned
AFC Ansi Factory / Automatic Frequency Control
AFCP Avesta Flow Control Protocol
AFDC Aid to Families with Dependent Children
AFDW Active Framework for Data Warehousing
AFGO Another F***ing (or Fabulous) Growth Opportunity
AFI AppleTalk Filing Interface / Authority and Format Identifier
AFII Association for Font Information Interchange
AFIN Air Force Information Network
AFIPS American Federation of Information Processing Societie
AFIRM Automated Fingerprint Image Reporting and Match (system)
AFK Away from keyboard
AFL Away from Life
AFNOR Association Francaise de Normalisation
AFP Advanced Function Printing / AppleTalk File Protocol
AFPA American Forest and Paper Association
AFRP ARCNET Fragmentation Protocol
AFS Andrew File System
AFSK Audio Frequency Shift Keying / Automatic Frequency Shift Keying
AFT Application File Transfer
AG/EEE Above Ground Electronic Equipment Enclosures
AGA Advanced Graphical Architecture. Also known as AA. The new chipset that was introduced with the A4000 and A1200.
AGBH Average Group Busy Hour
AGC Automated Gain Control
AGEEE Above Ground Electronic Equipment Enclosures
AGIS Apex Global Information Services
AGOCG Advisory Committee on Computer Graphics
AGP Advanced Graphics Port / Accelerated Graphics Port
AGS Asynchronous Gateway Server
AH Authentication Header
AHDS Arts and Humanities Data Service
AHT Average Holding Times
AHUA Association of Heads of University Administrations
AI Artificial Intelligence / Authentication Information
AIA Aerospace Industries Association / Application Integration Architecture
AIAG Automotive Industry Action Group
AIC Automatic Intercept Center
AICC Automatic Intercept Communications Controller
AICPA American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
AIDS Apple Infected Disk Syndrome
AII Active Input Interface
AIIC As If I Care
AIIM Association for Information and Image Management
AIM Advanced Interconnect Modeling / Analog Intensity Modulation / Asynchronous Interface Module / ATM Inverse Multiplexer
AIMSX Advanced Information Management System
AIMUX ATM Inverse Multiplexing
AIN Advanced Intelligent Network
AIOD Automatic Identification of Outward Dialing
AIR Additive Increase Rate / Apple Internet Router
AIS Alarm Indication Signal / Alarm Indication System / Automated Information System / Automatic Intercept System
AISE Alarm Indication Signal External
AISI As I See It
AITRC Applied Information Technologies Research Center
AIUI As I Understand It
AIWS As I Was Saying
AIX Advanced Interactive Executive
AK Acknowledge
AKA Also known as
AKM Apogee Kick Motor
AL Account Librarian (MPE) / Application Layer / ArtificiLife
ALAP ARCTalk Link Access Protocol
ALB Analog LoopBack
ALBO Automatic Line Build Out
ALC Automatic Level Control
ALFE Analog Line Front End
ALGOL ALGOrhythmic Computer Language
ALI Acer Laboratories Inc. / Automatic Location Identification
ALIT Automatic Line Insulation Testing
ALIVE Artificial Life Interactive Video Environment
ALM Application Loadable Module / AppWare Loadable Module
ALO At Least Once
ALP Abstract Local Primitive
ALPS Auto Laser Pulse Saving
ALRU Automatic Line Record Update
ALS Application Layer Structure / Automated List Service
ALT Association for Learning Technology
ALU Application Layer User / Arithmetic Logic Unit
AM Accounting Management / Active Monitor / Administrative Module / Amplitude Modulation
AM/PSK Amplitude Modulation with Phase Shift Keying
AMA Automatic Message Accounting
AMACS Automatic Message Accounting Collection System
AMARC Automatic Message Accounting Recording Center
AMASE Automatic Message Accounting Standard Entry
AMAST Algebraic Methodology And Software Technology
AMAT Automatic Message Accounting Transmitter
AMATPS Automatic Message Accounting TeleProcessing System
AMATTPS Automatic Message Accounting Transmitter Teleprocessing System
AMC Area Management Center
AMD Advanced Micro Devices / Air Movement Device (aka Fan)
AME Advanced Metal Evaporative (media) / Asynchronous Modem Eliminator
AMERITECH American Information Technologies
AMF Account Metering Function
AMH Application Message Handling
AMI Alternate Mark Inversion / American Megatrends Inc. / American Microsystems Incorporated
AMIGA A Merely Insignificant Game Addiction
AMII Agile Manufacturing Information Infrastructure
AMIS Atari Message and Information System / Audio Messaging Interchange Standard
AMM Agent Management Module / Area Manufacturing Manager
AMON ATM Monitoring
AMP Ampere / Active Monitor Present
AMPS Abstract Meta-Physical Speculation / Advanced Mobile Phone Service
AMR Automatic Meter Reading
AMS Access Method Services
AMSP Association of Microsoft Solutions Providers
AMT Address Mapping Table
AMU Atomic Mass Unit
AMVFT Amplitude Modulation Voice Frequency Telegraph
AMWI Active Message Waiting Indicator
AN AryNations / Associated Number
ANA Automatic Number Announcement
ANBH Average Network Busy Hour
ANC All Number Calling
ANCS AT&T NetWare Connect Services network
AND Automatic Network Dialing
ANE Anarchy 'N' Explosives
ANF Additional Network Feature / AppleTalk Networking Forum
ANFAWFOS And Now a Word From Our Sponsor
ANFSCD And Now For Something Completely Different
ANI Automatic Number Identification
ANIF Automatic Number Identification Failure
ANL Argonne National Laboratory
ANM Advanced Network Management
ANN Announcement Date / Auditing Network Needs
ANOI A New Order of Intelligence
ANS Advanced Network & Services / American National Standard
ANSC American National Standards Committee
ANSI American National Standards Institute
ANTC Advanced Networking Test Center
AOA Anarchists of America
AOC Advice of Charge
AOCE Apple Open Collaborative Environment
AOI Active Output Interface
AOJ Add one and do not Jump
AOL America Online / Army Of Lamers
AOM Application OSI Management / Area Operations Manager
AOP Association of Online Professionals
AOS Add One and do not Skip / Alternate Operator Service / Alternate Option Selection
AOSIP Airline Open Systems Interconnection Profile
AOSS Auxiliary Operator Service System
AOT Art of Technology
AOTD Art Of Technology Digest (magazine)
AOV Average Order Value
AOW Asia and Oceania Workshop
AOWS Asia Oceanic WorkShop
AP Application Process / Application Profile / Attached Processor
APA All Points Addressable
APANA Australian Public Access Network Association
APC Adaptive Predictive Coding / AMARC Protocol Converter / American Power Conversion / Asynchronous Procedure Call
APCC American Public Communications Council
APCI Application - layer Protocol Control Information
APD Avalanche PhotoDiode
APDA Apple Programmers and Developers Association
APDU Application Protocol Data Unit
APF All PINs Fail
API American Pirate Industries / Application Program Interface / Application Programming Interface
APIC Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
APL A Programming Language
APLT Advanced Private Line Termination
APM Advanced Power Management
APP Application / Application Portability Profile
APPC Advanced Peer to Peer Communication / Advanced Program to Program Communication
APPC/PC Advanced Program-to-Program Communications
APPI Advanced Program-to-Program Internetworking
APPIX Automated Part and Product Information Exchange
APPLE Arrogance Produces Profit-Losing Entity
APPN Advanced Peer-to-Peer Network
APR Automatic Picture Replacement
APS Application Processing Services / Automatic Protection Switch / Automatic Protection Switching system
APT Advanced Pirate Technology / American Phone Terrorists
APTS Advanced Public Transportation
AQS Automatic Quote System
AR Activity Resume / Alarm Report
ARA Apple Remote Access (protocol) / Attribute Registration Authority
ARAP AppleTalk Remote Access Protocol
ARB Application Review Board
ARC Advanced RISC Computing / Attached Resources Computing / Ames Research Center / Attached Resource Computer / Attached Resources Computing / Audio Response Controller / Archives
ARCV Association of Really Cruel Viruses
ARD Application Remote Database / Automatic RingDown
ARDIS Advanced National Radio Data Service
ARE All Routes Explorer
ARF Alarm Reporting Function
ARGO A Really Good Open systems interconnection
ARI Address Recognized Indicator bit
ARIES ATM Research & Industrial Enterprise Study
ARIN American Registry for Internet Numbers
ARIS Audichron Recorded Information System
ARL Access Rights List / Adjusted Ring Length / Attendant Release Loop
ARLL Advanced Run Length Limited
ARM Advanced RISC Machines / Application Response Measurement (API) / Area Revenue Manager / Asynchronous Response Mode
ARO After Receipt of Order
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency
ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency NETwork
ARQ Automatic Repeat reQuest
ARR Attributes for Representing Relationships / Automatic Repeat Request
ARRL American Radio Relay League
ARS Alternate Route Selection / Automatic Route Selection
ARSB Automated Repair Service Bureau
ART Asynchronous Remote Takeover / Automatic Revision Tracking
ARTT Asynchronous Remote Takeover Terminal
ARU Audio Response Unit
ARX AutoCAD Runtime eXtension
AS Activity Start / Anarchy Society / Application System / Autonomous Systems
ASA Advanced SCSI Architecture
ASACP (Internet) Adult Sites Against Child Pornography
ASAFP As Soon As Freakin' Possible
ASAI Adjunct Switch Application Interface
ASAP As soon as possible / Any Service / Any Port
ASB Asynchronous Balanced mode
ASC Accredited Standards Committee / Authorized Support Centers / Average System Cost / Average System Content
ASCI Accelerated Strategic Computign Initiative
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange / Basic letters and numbers
ASD Advanced Semiconductor Development
ASDC Abstract Service Definition Convention
ASDU Application - layer Service Data Unit
ASE Amplified Spontaneous Emission / Application Service Element
ASG Advanced Systems Group
ASI Adapter Support Interface / Alternate Space Inversion
ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASID Address Space IDentifier
ASIS American Society for Industrial Security / American Society for Information Science
ASK Amplitude Shift Keying
ASL Alpha Systems Laboratories
ASLIB Association of Librarians
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASMP Asymmetrical Multi-Processing
ASN Abstract Syntax Notation
ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation One
ASO Application Service Object
ASOC Administrative Service Oversight Center
ASP Abstract Service Primitive / AppleTalk Session Protocol / Association Of Shareware Professionals / Active Server Page
ASPEN Automatic System for Performance Evaluation of the Network
ASPI Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
ASR Access Service Request / Automatic Send / Receive / Automatic Speech Recognition
ASSHOLE Away with you lamer
AST Asynchronous System Trap
ASTM American Society for Testing Materials
ASTRAL Association for Strategic Token Ring Advancement and L
ASV Average System Value
ASYNC Asynchronous transmission
AT Access Tandem / Advanced Technology / ATtention (modem commands)
AT&T American Telephone and Telegraph Company
ATA Advanced Technology Attachment / American Telemarketing Association / ARCnet Trade Association / AT Attachment
ATAPI Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface / AT Attachment Packet Interface
ATAS Analog Test Access System
ATASPI AT Advanced SCSI Programming Interface
ATB All Trunks Busy
ATC Allbase Turbo Connect / Automatic Transmission Control
ATD Association of Telecommunications Dealers / Asynchronous Time Division / Authorized Terminal Distributor
ATDM Asynchronous Time Division Multiplexing
ATDP Attention Dial Pulse
ATDT Attention Dial Tone
ATE Asynchronous Terminal Emulation / ATM Terminating Equipment
ATF Automatic Track Following
ATH Abbreviated Trouble History
ATI Activist's Times Incorporated / Automatic Test Inhibit
ATIS Advanced Traveler Information Systems / Automatic Transmitter Identification System
ATL Active Template Library
ATLA Another Three Letter Acronym
ATM At The Moment / Automated Teller Machine / Abstract Test Method / Adobe Type Manager / Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATMARP Asynchronous Transfer Mode Address Resolution Protocol
ATME Automatic Transmission Measuring Equipment
ATMP Ascend Tunnel Management Protocol
ATMS Automated Trunk Measurement System
ATP Available to Promise / All Tests Pass / AppleTalk Transaction Protocol / Application Transaction Processing
ATPS AppleTalk Print Services
ATQ AppleTalk Transition Queue
ATR Alternate Trunk Routing
ATRS Automated Trouble Reporting System
ATS Abstract Test Suite / Asian Test Symposium
ATSE Application Timesharing Software Engineering
ATT Applied Transmission Technologies
ATTC Automatic Transmission Test and Control Circuit
ATTIS American Telephone and Telegraph Information Systems
ATV Advanced Television
AU Access Unit / Adaptive Unit / Administrative Unit
AUA Association of University Administrators
AUC AUthentication Certificate
AUDIX Audio Information Exchange
AUI Attachment Unit Interface / Auxiliary Unit Interface
AUP Acceptable Use Policy
AURP AppleTalk Update-Based Routing Protocol
AUT Association of University Teachers
AUTODIN Automatic Digital Network
AUTOSEVCOM Automatic Secure Voice Communications
AUTOVON Automatic Voice network
AUU ATM User-to-User
AUXF Auxiliary Frame
AVA Attribute Value Assertion
AVCS Advanced Vehicle Control Systems
AVD Alternate Voice Data
AVI Advanced Visual Interface / Audio-Video Interleaved / Automatic Vehicle Identification
AVL Adelson - Velskii - Landis (programming method)
AVN Ameritech Virtual Network / Automated Voice Network
AVR Automatic Voltage Regulation / Avid Video Resolution
AVS Application Visualization System
AVSSCS Audio Visual Service Specific Convergence Sublayer (AT
AVT Application Virtual Terminal / Architecture Verification Test
AWB Aglets Workbench
AWG American Wire Gauge
AWGTHTGTATA Are we going to have to go through all this again?
AWGTHTGTTA Are we going to have to go through this again?
AWGTHTGTTA? Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again?
AWM Advanced Wave Memory
AWS Administration WorkStation
AWT Abstract Windowing Toolkit / Abstract Windows Toolkit
AXP Almost Exactly Prism
AYA Are you alone?
AYF All Your Fault
AYOR at your own risc

Searh Abbreviation
Do you know that?
  • 3D - Three Dimensional
  • 3WC - 3-Way Calling
  • /:-) - French
  • :-(=) - Person has big teeth
  • [TM] - Trademark
  • (-::-) - Siamese Twins
  • =#:-) - Wizard
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National Elite Underground Alliance


File Transfer Protocol [a specific format to exchange files and data - usually also - The name of a program (method) of up/downloading


Virtual Print Technology


Advanced SCSI Architecture


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