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0.8 Ton Split (with remote)

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0.8 Ton Split (with remote) Price
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Model : Whirlpool 0.8 TON Split.
Products Features
Quick Cool : Youve just come back tormented by the scorching outside heat. So,all you need is instant and rapid cooling.The 6th Sense Quick Cool automatically increases the fan speed and decreases the temperature to lowest (16C) for 30 minutes by giving out a faster stream of cool air.

6th Sense MPFI Cooling System : MPFI (Multi Post Fluid Injection) system utilizes a unique 6 circuit design which ensures rapid injection of the refrigerant for faster cooling. Instead of gas being injected through one capillary which takes longer time to spread through the evaporator coil, it is injected through multiple capillaries which ensure faster and efficient cooling at lower power consumption.

Low Noise Levels : The silent air flow design along with unique vibration absorbers makes Whirlpool Air conditioners amongst the quietest in the industry

6th Sense Refresh : In the Refresh Mode, the microprocessor controls the fan speed (set to Low Fan) and the temperature, so as to reduce humidity. This unique function helps keeping you fresh on a rainy day and in coastal areas

Low Voltage Startup : Whirlpool ACs have the unique feature of starting the Compressor at low voltage levels (185/187/198). This eliminates the need of using a stabilizer to start the operation during voltage fluctuations.

Anti Freeze Thermostat : Anti Freeze thermostat prevents ice formation at the evaporator and thereby protects the compressor and increases the compressor life.

6th Sense Sleep: In the 6th Sense sleep the air conditioner automatically sets pace with the change in human body metabolism at night. The set temperature increases at the rate of 1 deg C in every one hour up to 2 deg C in 2 hours. This ensures that one does not feel too cold in the night. Needless to say, optimum comfort condition is maintained thereby also saving power

6th Sense Auto Mode
Anti-Freeze Thermostat
Negative Ion Filter
Auto Restart
Dry Mode
Cool Mode

Technical Features
*9,000 Cooling Capacity
*Tropicalised Rotary Compressor
* Power Consumption: 920 W, 4.2 A
* Low Voltage start Up-198 V
* 29 dBA Silence * (in Low Fan)
* 6th Sense Auto Mode (Cool,Dry)
* Auto Restart
* 6th Sense Quick Cool :The Quick Cool is a unique feature that automatically increases the fan speed and decreases the temperature to the lowest (160C) for 30 minutes. This feature enables a faster stream of cool air to circulate in the room, thereby ensuring instant & rapid cooling.
* Sleep Mode
* Dry Mode
* LCD Remote

Warranty : 1 year.

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May 6 2014 2:21PM

I want to bye this product. Please let me know the procedure
Jan 12 2011 10:59PM

i want to bye this product
Jan 12 2011 10:56PM

i want to bye this product
Jun 5 2009 10:09AM

Is this Ac can finance or EMI?? Please let me know??
May 23 2009 12:33PM

I want ti buy the new 0.8 or 1.0 Tonnes Split Ac.
Mar 30 2009 11:54PM

plz contact me at 09419188587, urgently want to buy a split .8 a/c
Jan 5 2009 1:49PM

Please call me 919449866569
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